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Resorts World Las Vegas

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Officials Report Resorts World Las Vegas Still to be Completed in Time for 2021 Opening

LAS VEGAS, NV – Resorts World Las Vegas, a hotel and casino currently under construction by the Malaysia-based Genting Group on the Las Vegas Strip, is still on-track to meet its original projected summer 2021 opening date, despite the trials and tribulations presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to reports.

The previous site of the Stardust Resort and Casino until 2007, groundbreaking for Resorts World took place in May 2015, and construction began in late 2017. At a cost of $4.3 billion, Resorts World is potentially the most expensive resort property ever developed in Las Vegas.

Even with the limitations and delays presented due to COVID-19, not only is the project proceeding on-schedule for its opening date, but the property’s management announced in July the addition of a 5,000-seat theater in partnership with AEG.

Genting Group credits their ability to remain on-track throughout the course of the project with numerous cutting-edge safety protocols that they have introduced to keep workers safe and healthy while abiding by all guidelines imposed by local and state government in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Resorts World Las Vegas will offer a whopping 3,500 rooms for guests upon its 2021 opening, as well as a 75,000 square-foot nightclub, convention space, a 220,000 square-foot pool complex, an LED video globe, and a 100,000 square-foot LED screen, measuring 294 feet in height and 340 feet in width.

Portions of the property will be branded as Hilton, while other portions will be marketed under two of Hilton’s other brands, LXR Hotels and Conrad Hotels.

In addition, Resorts World has also commissioned The Boring Company, owned by Tesla’s Elon Musk, to construct an underground people mover system, similar to the one that the company is currently constructing for the Las Vegas Convention Center. The system would function as an extension of the one for the Convention Center, and would ferry people back and forth between the two locations upon completion.

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Resorts Hotel Casino Rendering

Resorts World Las Vegas Opening Delayed, New Plans for Mega-Resort Revealed

LAS VEGAS, NV – Malaysia-based developer Genting Group has recently announced a several-month delay of the opening of their mega-resort, the Resorts World Las Vegas Casino, but noted that the resulting addition of several amenities – as well as a higher price tag to the already-impressive complex – are sure to make the delay more than worth it.

A early rendering released by DeSimone Consulting Engineers depicting the new Resorts World Las Vegas Casino, originally budgeted at $4 billion and recently revised to $4.3 billion. Photo: DeSimone Engineering.

Resorts World – originally budgeted at $4 billion and recently revised to $4.3 billion – is situated on 87 acres on the Las Vegas strip at the former site of the Stardust Casino. Work on the casino began in 2017 with a projected late 2020 completion date, but progress was initially slow – blamed on construction difficulties and negative fluctuations in Malaysian currency – leading some experts to express that the 2020 opening was not in the cards.

Indeed, that opening estimate has been revised; the resort is now slated to open in the summer of 2021, as opposed to late 2020, and with that delay will come several changes that the developer says are for the better.

One of the major changes to the project will be the overall visual and aesthetic theme; previously Resorts World was expected to feature traditional Chinese architecture, with a red and white color scheme and a giant Chinese lantern hanging from the top of a tower; this has been changed to appeal to a wider range of guest tastes. Instead, Resorts World will feature a “luxury experience” with some Asian-themed design aesthetics.

When completed, Resorts World will feature over 3,500 rooms and suites divided between two towers with a 100,000 square foot gaming floor, numerous restaurants, a 5,000-seat amphitheater, a 75,000-square-foot nightclub, a 220,000 square-foot pool area – including a 1,800-square-foot infinity pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip – state-of-the-art video screens, meeting and banquet space, a spa, entertainment zone, an extensive casino, and more.

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Resorts World Las Vegas Construction Progress Beginning to Take Shape

LAS VEGAS, NV – Resorts World Las Vegas is a project that has been in gestation for so long that many experts were starting to doubt that it would ever actually see the light of day. After the official groundbreaking in May of 2015 – with a projected opening date of mid-2018 – little progress had been made in erecting the Chinese-themed casino and resort. However, in recent months, the oft-delayed project has seen considerable results, and the revised opening – now scheduled for 2020 – seems like a realistic goal if the current pace is maintained.

Build on the former site of the Stardust situated on the Las Vegas Strip, the property had been sold to the Genting Group for $350 million in 2013, with Resorts World opting to build off of a pre-existing structure left behind by an attempt to develop the property in the mid-2000’s. Resorts World Las Vegas, upon completion, is expected to come in at 21,847,314 square feet in size, which will include four towers containing a total of 6,538 rooms; the estimated cost of the project could cost up to $7 billion.

However, experts began to question the validity of the project when, as of early 2016, little in the way of progress had been made in terms of construction on the site. Genting Group responded to naysayers, attributing delays to the complexity of the project and the company’s overall purchasing power being adversely affected by falling global currency values. A revised timetable was presented to the public in May of 2017, noting that the opening was now slated for 2020; after numerous delays and logistical issues sorted out, work on the mega-resort began in earnest by March of 2018, and concrete results finally followed soon afterwards.

As of late October of 2018, the hotel building – which will be 60 stories when finished – is currently built up to floor 35, and the construction site is replete with numerous cranes operating continuously with over 1,000 workers scurrying about – and several thousand more expected to join them next year – as they carry out their tasks. This is a far cry from what the site looked like just one year ago, when there was little progress to speak of.

When finished, Resorts World Las Vegas is, according to Genting Group, to feature numerous amenities for guests, including a 175,000 square-foot casino; a 4,000-seat theatre; retail, dining and convention space; a rooftop sky park and observation deck; an aquarium, movie theatre, bowling alley, ice skating rink, and an indoor water park; a panda exhibit, and more.

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Resorts World Las Vegas Announces Construction Manager, Recipients of Over $400 Million in Contracts

LAS VEGAS, NV – Resorts World, the famed chain of resort casinos, is looking to build their newest location in Las Vegas, Nevada, and to that end, they announced this week not only the proposed establishment’s Construction Manager, but also that they will be awarding a whopping $400 million-plus in contracts to various companies for a variety of services, materials, and personnel in order to make the ambitious project a reality.

W.A. Richardson Builders, LLC has been pegged by developer Genting Group of Malaysia as Resorts World Las Vegas’ official Construction Manager, heading up construction on the first, ground-up, integrated resort development on the Las Vegas Strip in a decade. In addition, over $400 million in contracts have been awarded by the Genting Group for numerous purposes related to the resort’s extensive construction, ranging from bulk orders of concrete and steel to tower crane equipment and operators.

Targeting the grand opening for 2020 on Las Vegas Boulevard South, the Resorts World Las Vegas “megaresort” will boast 3,000 rooms and will sport a Chinese-style architecture and lighting theme. Located at the intersection of South Las Vegas Boulevard and Resorts World Drive – diagonally across from Wynn’s Encore tower, and within walking distance to the Las Vegas Convention Center and Fashion Show Mall – Resorts World Las Vegas is expected to be a great boon to surrounding businesses as well once it opens, generating a great deal of anticipated walk-in traffic by attracting tourists.

W.A. Richardson Builders of Las Vegas, had already been utilized by Genting Group for pre-construction services, including infrastructure and utility work, the completion of the main parking structure, preliminary steel and foundation work, and permitting and remediation across the site to prepare it for the commencement of construction.

The Resorts World Las Vegas project has encountered numerous roadblocks and hiccups over the years; originally intended to open in 2016, the project occupies the space of the former Stardust Casino, which was imploded by the Boyd Gaming Corporation in 2007 to make way for a resort that was to be called The Echelon.

When the Echelon project fell through in 2008, the 87-acre property laid dormant for several years until it was purchased by the Genting Group in 2013; from there, the newly-proposed Resorts World Las Vegas hired its first president and announced that construction would commence the following year, employing over 1,000 workers in that endeavor. When the $4 billion resort opens in 2020, it will employ 3,000 union employees and feature a 175,000-square-foot casino, a replica of the Great Wall of China, and a panda exhibit, according to reports.

Through the Resorts World Las Vegas project has stalled in the past, these recent announcements have instilled a sense of confidence in the proposed megaresort, which is sure to not only generate interest from tourists and tax revenue for local government, but also a positive financial trickle-down effect for local businesses as well, creating a win-win situation for the Las Vegas economy as a whole.

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Resorts World Casino to be First “Mega-Resort” to Open Doors on the Las Vegas Strip in Over Ten Years

Resorts World to be First “Mega-Resort” on Vegas Strip in Over Ten Years

LAS VEGAS, NV – Genting Group, a developer based in Malaysia, recently announced that they are on-target for the late 2020 completion of construction on the Resorts World Las Vegas Casino, despite some experts expressing doubts that such a goal is currently not realistic given the overall lack of progress since work began on the $4 billion project in 2017.

Genting originally purchased the 87-acre property – situated on the famed Las Vegas strip at the former site of the Stardust Casino – five years ago, but ran into issues that delayed the start of construction; the developer blamed the problems on logistical construction difficulties and negative fluctuations in Malaysian currency, known as the Ringgit. However, Genting has noted that they have resolved all issues pertaining to Resorts World Las Vegas and, in 2017, began work on the casino in earnest.

However, while some progress has been made at the 87-acre construction site as far as the overall structure is concerned, some are expressing doubts that Genting’s stated 2020 goal is attainable as certain major aspects have yet to be completed, such as the proposed glass siding. Some have said, given the lack of progress thus far, that a more realistic estimate would be 2021 at the very earliest, if not later.

Resorts World Las Vegas – anticipated as the first mega-resort to open its doors on the strip in over ten years – is slated to feature traditional Chinese architecture, with a red and white color scheme and a giant Chinese lantern hanging from the top of a tower. It will feature over 3,400 rooms divvied up between three towers, with a 100,000 square foot gaming floor, numerous restaurants with traditional Chinese cuisine, an amphitheatre, swimming pool, and many more amenities.

At this point, Genting’s website notes that the project will be  completed in phases – the company has stated that the project does not need to be 100 percent completed in order to open for business – and will target mid-market Chinese visitors, although the current and escalating trade war between the United States and China may throw a wrench in the works as far as discouraging tourism from that country, experts say.

“The first phase of Resorts World Las Vegas will be done in stages and will include a hotel; multiple restaurants including a variety of authentic, regional Chinese cuisines; over 100,000 square feet of innovative gaming space, numerous retail offerings; and a top-tier nightlife venue” states the Resorts World Las Vegas website.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Genting’s first project in Las Vegas; the developer also operates resorts in the Bahamas and the United Kingdom, as well as Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea.

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Circus Circus

Northern Las Vegas Strip in Midst of Long-Awaited Turnaround as Multiple Construction Projects Take Shape

LAS VEGAS, NV – The north edge of the Las Vegas Strip was in the midst of multiple construction and development projects that – with the arrival of the mid-2000’s economic recession – instead resulted in huge empty tracts of land and little-to-no foot traffic. The vibrancy and excitement of the Strip had failed to carry to the end of Las Vegas’ casino corridor… until now, it seems.

Originally, plans for megaresorts and other projects were slated for the north edge of the Strip, but the recession stalled these plans indefinitely; however, new development is finally being spearheaded, and local residents are hopeful that the turnaround they’ve been long hoping for is finally set to take place.

In June 2021, Resorts World Las Vegas – a $4.3 billion casino and resort – opened for business, representing the first new resort constructed at the northern end of the Strip in over ten years. Fontainebleau Las Vegas, derailed by the recession, is finally back under development and is slated to finally open in late 2023, after being purchased once again by its original developer. And finally, a $1 billion, 1.4 million-square-foot expansion Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall was completed and opened in June 2021.

In addition to projects that have been started from scratch, there are others that are centering on pre-existing properties that are currently being renovated or upgraded in some way, such as the Sahara Las Vegas, which is remodeling its 1,100 rooms and pool to the tune of $150 million, along with adding new restaurants.

Also, The Strat recently finished a $110 million facelift as well – adding a new coat of polish to its rooms, casino, and restaurants – and Circus Circus expanded its arcade and carnival game area, added a new ride, and is in the middle of a $9 million renovation of their food court.

With the Las Vegas economy bouncing back and tourism picking up again in a big way with the (hopefully) final days of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are expecting the new-found interest that developers are paying to the north edge will result in the area possibly becoming the “hot side of the Strip” within the next five years.

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Guitar-Shaped Hotel

Hard Rock Announces Plans to Construct Guitar-Shaped Hotel on Las Vegas Strip As Part Of $1 Billion Deal

LAS VEGAS, NV – Hard Rock International announced last week that, as a part of a whopping $1 billion deal, they are intending to construct an elaborate guitar-shaped hotel on the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Hard Rock will be purchasing The Mirage’s operations side from MGM Resorts International in a deal worth over $1 billion in cold, hard cash; part of that deal will see the development of a fancy new hotel that is sure to live up to Hard Rock’s rock-and-roll reputation.

The hotel is slated to take the form of the purple-hued tower hotel in the shape of a guitar, with six bright light beams penetrating upward into the night, which will represent strings on the neck of a guitar. The hotel will be located directly next to The Mirage, which will be rebranded and renamed as the Hard Rock.

Hard Rock should fit in nicely with the plethora of themed hotels and resorts that Las Vegas is known for, such as the replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas and The Mirage’s volcano. However, currently, the announcement of this new venture is still early and no concrete details have been revealed yet about the project, according to Hard Rock spokeswoman Gina Morales.

“I wish we had more to share, but at this stage, we are not ready to discuss details on the design, development and timeline of the Las Vegas construction project,” she said in a statement, adding that the “first order of priority is to be respectful of the process of gaming regulatory approvals and the closing.”

Approvals and permits are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2022, Morales said, with development expected to commence shortly afterward.

Hard Rock International – owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida – operates restaurants, casinos, hotels and other venues around the world; the organization owns a 450-foot-tall guitar-shaped hotel tower in Florida, which is similar in appearance as the one planned for the Las Vegas Strip.

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Project63 Rendering

New Retail Complex on Las Vegas Strip Begins Construction; Already Approximately 30% Leased Out

LAS VEGAS, NV – Project63, a new four-story retail strip mall-style development at Las Vegas’ multi-tower CityCenter complex, has officially begun construction in an effort to meet both growing consumer demand as well as its anticipated 2022 completion date.

While the frame of the building itself is slated to be completed by this upcoming March, the entire project is not anticipated to be finished until fall of 2022, reports say.

The complex, according to Clark County documents, will clock in at 228,278 square feet. It will be located at the southwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue, and currently is already about 30 percent leased via signed contracts with the developer reporting on the project’s many signed contracts.

“We’re seeing a very strong response,” they said.

The developers, Brett Torino of Las Vegas and New York’s Flag Luxury Group, reportedly purchased the site for $80 million earlier this year from MGM Resorts International and its partner CityCenter, a government-owned holding company Dubai World.

When the per-acre price is factored in, the amount of monies paid in this transaction was far-in-excess of even the price paid for Las Vegas Boulevard during the intense real estate activity experienced during the aftermath of the Great Recession of the mid-2000s.

Located adjacent to the luxury mall Shops at Crystals and across the intersection from Harmon Corner, the location was originally where the never-completed Harmon hotel tower was intended to be; the project – which was deemed “structurally flawed” – was dismantled several years ago.

Clark County commissioners approved plans for Project63 in August; once completed, the resulting apartment complex is anticipated to help alleviate the great demand for rental housing options that are currently plaguing Las Vegas in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Majestic Las Vegas

Development of “One of a Kind” Majestic Las Vegas Hotel Slated to Begin in 2022; Prices of Suites Will Start at $10 Million

LAS VEGAS, NV – After numerous delays, the construction of the Majestic Las Vegas – a new hotel located just off the Las Vegas Strip – is slated to have its groundbreaking in early 2022 according to the hotel’s website, which touts the facility as being a “one of a kind” non-gaming, non-smoking, ultra luxury resort.

The hotel, which will cost $850 million, will be located on the site of the Clarion Hotel on Convention Center Drive, across from the newly expanded convention center. The Clarion was purchased in 2014 by developer Lorenzo Doumani, who eventually tore the hotel down nine months later in anticipation of developing the Majestic on the property.

Originally, the Majestic was to have been completed in the summer of 2021, but ran into numerous delays. However, even with the announced early 2022 starting date, the developer anticipates the project being completed by late 2024.

Once completed, the Majestic – which will be developed by Lorenzo Doumani’s Majestic Resorts – will feature 720 rooms and will not have gambling or smoking allowed on the premises. According to the five-star hotel’s website, it has been designed by renowned architect Paul Steelman and will have six “extraordinary” freestanding restaurants, 270,000 square feet of Corporate Sky Suites located on the tower’s top ten floors, and an “all encompassing” medical wellness spa and fitness facility that will be “amongst the finest of its kind anywhere in the world.”

I think what’s not here; what’s lacking is a high-end boutique, non-gaming, non-smoking, ultra-classy sophisticated kind of place and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.

Prices of suites will start at $10 million, reports say, with Doumani – who originally officially announced the project in 2019 – saying that the Majestic is something different for Las Vegas, which is exactly what the city needs at this point in time.

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The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas’ “The Strip”

Car light trails on the strip at night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit, licensed.
Car light trails on “The Strip,” at night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit, licensed.

The Las Vegas Strip is the stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada, that is known for its concentration of resort hotels and casinos. Also known as “The Strip,” it is the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard roughly between Russell Road (near the welcome to Las Vegas sign) and Sahara Avenue (just past Circus Circus), and is approximately 4.2 miles in length. It is located south of the Las Vegas city limits in the unincorporated towns of Paradise and Winchester; however, it is generally referred to simply as “Las Vegas.”

Home to breathtaking architecture and many of the world’s largest and grandest hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment attractions, the Las Vegas Strip has been established as not only one of the most popular and iconic tourist destinations in the world, but also as one of the driving forces of Las Vegas’ economy.

Las Vegas Strip

Named by Los Angeles police officer and businessman Guy McAfee after his hometown’s Sunset Strip, the first casino-resort on what would one day be called the Las Vegas Strip was the El Rancho Vegas, which opened with 63 rooms on April 3, 1941.

Its immediate success inspired the opening of a second hotel on the future Strip – Hotel Last Frontier, which opened in 1942 – and other notable resorts, hotels and casinos started springing up in the area, including the Flamingo in 1946, the Desert Inn in 1950, and Caesars Palace in 1966.

Over time, the hotels and resorts on The Strip grew larger and more grandiose; opening in 1969, the International Hotel, with 1,512 rooms, began the era of mega-resorts; it was followed by the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1973, one of the largest hotels in the world at the time with 2,084 rooms.

The opening of The Mirage in 1989 set a new level to the Las Vegas experience; some of the key features of The Mirage included tropical landscapes with waterfalls, an erupting volcano, restaurants with world-class chefs, and a show with famed illusionists Siegfried & Roy. And in the 1990s, more than 12 new hotels opened, including themed hotels like the Luxor, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, and The Bellagio.

With the opening of resorts such as Bellagio, Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn and Encore, The Strip trended towards the luxurious high end segment through most of the 2000s; high end dining, specialty retail, spas and nightclubs became as prominent of tourist attractions as the street’s many gambling casinos and resorts. Around this time, expensive residential condo units also began appearing on The Strip. However, gambling remains the main draw of the Las Vegas Strip, and the biggest casinos located there reported more than $6 billion in annual gaming revenues in 2019 alone, a year when over 42 million people visited the city of Las Vegas.

In addition to the large hotels, casinos and resorts, the Las Vegas Strip is home to many attractions, such as M&M’s World, Adventuredome, and the Fashion Show Mall. Starting in the mid-1990s, the Strip became a popular New Year’s Eve celebration destination. The Strip is also well known for its lounges, showrooms, theaters and nightclubs, as well as the many notable artists that have performed there over the years.

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Las Vegas Developer Acquires Midtown Las Vegas Multifamily Property

Vintage Apartment Complex in Convention Center District of Las Vegas Sold, Reports Say

LAS VEGAS, NV – According to reports, a vintage apartment complex located in the Convention Center District of Las Vegas has been sold to the Camino Verde Group, a Southern Nevada-based real estate investment, development and asset management company, with this being the fourth such purchase they’ve made in this area recently.

Kevin Romney, co-founder and managing director of Camino Verde Group, noted that Sherwood Palms – an aging property located at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip – would be an excellent source of housing for the local area workforce once much-needed restoration has taken place.

“Sherwood Palms was a great opportunity to restore this vintage Las Vegas property and provide quality workforce housing for workers on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip,” he said. “With the opening of the Convention Center Expansion, Resorts World and Circa, the need for affordable and workforce housing grows. Sherwood Palms fills an important need for that.”

Sherwood Palms was originally constructed on 1963, and consists of 24 two-and-three bedroom apartments – with floor plans of up to 1,000 square feet – spread out over two stories, with the property featuring an enclosed outdoor courtyard, a community laundry facility, high-speed internet access, and air-conditioning and heating units.

The Camino Verde Group has extensive renovation plans for Sherwood Palms, according to Romney, including new appliances, countertops floor coverings, and more.

“Many of the properties Camino Verde Group acquires are in dire need of rehabilitation and nearly uninhabitable,” he said. “We repair holes in the walls, broken windows and security issues to make them both safe and aesthetically pleasing to tenants. We are committed to providing affordable housing that our hard-working industry workers will appreciate.”

Once the renovations are completed, Sherwood Palms – which stands in the middle of public transportation routes – is anticipated to be a significant lodging draw for those working at numerous local high-profile employers, including the Convention Center, Resorts World, The Westgate, the Strat tower, Fremont Street Experience and the Fashion Show Mall.

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Tesla Car

The Boring Company’s Underground People Mover – AKA “The Loop” – Completed at Las Vegas Convention Center

LAS VEGAS, NV – Long in development, Elon Musk’s “The Boring Company” has finally completed the Tesla-powered underground people mover – AKAThe Loop” – that will service attendees of the Las Vegas Convention Center going forward, according to reports.

The Loop is comprised of a series of underground tunnels, dug by The Boring Company, that will ferry people back and forth to the Convention Center in a series of Tesla automated electric cars in approximately two minutes each way. Normally, the route would take an average of 30 minutes for a person to walk on their own.

The Loop system project cost is $52 million, with construction originally started in 2019 underneath the convention center campus. The system will be serviced by 62 Tesla cars, although it has been said that the system can handle more if needed; the current vehicle allotment can transport an estimated 4,400 people per hour.

The Boring Company has stated that they plan on expanding the tunnel system that they have started for the Convention Center, with plans for new people mover routes to various area resorts and even the airport having already been submitted to city officials.

The expanding high-tech underground people mover network is anticipated to be yet another major draw for tourists in Las Vegas, where the local economy is dependent on the income brought in by out-of-town visitors.

The first major event at the Convention Center that will make use of The Loop will be The World of Concrete, the commercial construction industry’s largest annual international event for concrete and masonry professionals, set to be held from Tuesday, June 8 through Thursday, June 10, 2021.

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