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It should be no surprise to hear that Las Vegas is an excellent housing market to invest in. Investors are receiving top-dollar rents after minimal days on the market. Nevada’s population is continuing to grow and is projected to hit 3 million by 2018, with more than 75% living in the Las Vegas area. With nearly half of the households in Las Vegas choosing to rent, this is the perfect market to be an investor.

The Las Vegas area also provides many job opportunities with its 24-Hour vibe and healthy economy, making it a popular destination for individuals and families to put down their roots. One of the most exciting changes for the city is the addition of professional sports teams from both the NHL and NFL. Las Vegas had the privilege of recently joining the NHL family with the creation of the Vegas Golden Knights, as well as becoming the new home for the Raiders in 2020. The news of the Raiders coming prompted the construction of a stadium for the newly acquired NFL team, creating many jobs and providing an opportunity for people to relocate to Las Vegas for work. The increase in population and lack of available rentals has caused the rental rates to edge-up.

Investing in real estate allows you to have monthly cash flow while building equity in the home. Homes typically appreciate in value with inflation, resulting in increased property value, and opportunities to reinvest in higher value properties. Rental prices also tend to increase with inflation, creating greater cash flow.

Whether you are looking to acquire an $80,000 or an $800,000 investment property, Shelter Realty is here to help you. We help investors find properties to purchase, as well as effectively manage the property after acquisition to yield the highest return for our investors.

Shelter Realty provides Property management services through its property management services division. Property management is more than just “babysitting” a property.

Our effective property management includes:

  • Proper marketing
  • Detailed tenant screenings
  • Frequent and thorough property inspections
  • Maintenance management
  • Timely accounting services

As well as many other services to keep your property monitored, maintained, and producing income. We have over 15 years experience as a full-service real estate and property management company. We have spent years building a capable and experienced team of residential property managers, leasing agents, licensed vendors, accountants, bookkeepers, and attorneys.

Shelter Realty’s mission is to eliminate anxiety in the real estate or property management process by earning the trust and respect of our clients. If you have any questions or are interested in additional information regarding investment properties in the Las Vegas area, feel free to give us a call at 702.376.7379.

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