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Author: Tony Sena

Move-In and Move-Out procedure

Checklist: 12 Steps to Get Comfortable in Your New Las Vegas Home After Relocation

LAS VEGAS, NV – Once you’ve unpacked your last box and organized your belongings in your new home, the most strenuous part of your relocation is finished. However, your move is not quite complete until you handle some essential tasks that will help you settle comfortably. Use this list of practical steps after you arrive in your new living environment:

Making Home Improvements

First, thoroughly inspect your new property to see if there are any necessary repairs or improvements you should tackle.

  1. Look for repairs and improvements you can DIY, such as painting the walls, replacing faucets, and changing out cabinet hardware.
  2. Consider hiring a professional to clean your furniture. Search for “professional furniture cleaning near me” and read reviews to find a trustworthy cleaner.
  3. Tend to your property’s curb appeal. Making upgrades to your landscaping, pressure washing and painting the siding, painting the front door, and other minor projects can make a big difference.
  4. Boost the security of your household and property by installing a smart security system.

Knocking Out the Necessities

Make sure you get these essential tasks out of the way soon after arriving at your new home:

  1. Find a DMV office nearby to update your license and registration.
  2. Register your new address with the post office, and confirm that your mail is being forwarded to the correct location.
  3. Make a list of all the local contacts you need handy should an emergency occur.
  4. Learn about state and local taxes and other costs of living so you can prepare a budget.

Settling Into the Community

Finally, it’s time to get to know your neighborhood and community so that you can truly settle in!

  1. Help your child transition smoothly into their new school routine.
  2. Meet the neighbors. Throwing a housewarming party and taking gifts door to door are a couple of the surest methods!
  3. Pick up a local newspaper or magazine to learn about your new community.
  4. Make a plan for trying out as many local restaurants and coffee shops as you can in the first month.

If you’re like most people after a move, you want to settle into your new home and community as soon as possible. The tips and resources above will help you do just that. After tackling home repairs and improvements, taking care of administrative tasks, and exploring your neighborhood and city, you’ll be primed to comfortably kick off your new chapter.

Shelter Realty is a Real Estate and Property Management Company specializing in the areas of HendersonLas Vegas and North Las Vegas, NV. Feel free to give us a call at 702.376.7379 so we can answer any questions you may have.

Building a New Home

12 Common Misconceptions About Building a New Home by Industry Experts

LAS VEGAS,, NV – With the competitive landscape of the current housing market, many homes are facing bidding wars and selling for well over asking price. In fact, in 2021 there will be a record number of new homes built – the most since before the housing crash of 2008. If you can’t find a home you like, you should consider building a new home. Builders will often customize the home to your preferences, so you can add that home office or luxury bathroom. The process of building a new home can be complicated and overwhelming. That’s why Redfin asked industry experts (new home builders and real estate agents) to share the most common misconceptions around building a new home and the truth behind them.

1. Assuming Your Designer Knows Exactly What You Want

The level of communication between the homeowner and designer can impact the final results of the project. Therefore make sure that you communicate well and ask questions anytime that you have concerns. Also, be ready to reply to the designer’s queries. – Gosia Thurfjell, 9th Floor Design 

2. You Won’t Need A Home Inspector

When building a new construction home, it’s a wise idea to hire a home inspector to conduct several inspections throughout the various phases of construction.  Buyers always hire home inspectors for resales, but when it comes to a new home, buyers feel that since it’s new, no inspections are needed.  I’ve seen homes in which the plumbing for a sink in an island wasn’t accounted for in the foundation, braces in the trusses of the attic were missing, recessed lighting was off-center, etc., and hiring a home inspector to monitor the construction is a smart investment. – Lauren Stark, Elite Realty

3. Custom Equals Expensive

Custom can mean a well-thought-out space that makes sense for any particular family to live in. We build custom $350k projects, and custom $2M projects. – Journey’s End Homes

4. Building Is Extremely Difficult And Time-Consuming 

Building a new construction home is not as hard or time-consuming as you think. have fun and be practical, but don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pinterest is great but doesn’t always meet building code and might not always be the most reliable. – Kensington Custom Builders

5. Construction Will Progress Flawlessly And Without Hiccups

The most damaging misconceptions new home buyers often have is that construction will progress flawlessly and without headache during the build and that they will move into a picture-perfect home upon completion. In the real world of new home construction, there are usually delays and unforeseen issues during active construction, and then service items or minor touch-ups and repairs that need to be addressed after the home is completed. Keeping a positive attitude and rolling with the punches is key to a fun and satisfying experience when building a new home. – Joel Comino, Next Modular 

6. Using Price Per Square Foot To Compare Custom Builders

Sometimes the lowest price doesn’t include the things you would expect like garbage disposals and garage door openers. Once the items you would expect are added in the price per square foot balloons. Having a detailed specifications sheet from your custom builder is key to ensuring you have the items you want to be included in your home without lots of expensive change orders throughout the building process. – Old World Custom Homes 

7. A New Construction Home Is Overwhelmingly Complicated

With the right team, design, communication, and building can be a nearly seamless process. – Heartwood Builders 

8. Thinking You Won’t Need Representation

New homebuyers think that they don’t need representation because the agent in the sales office will handle everything. The agent in the sales office represents the builder and will work in the seller‘s best interest. If they have their own representation, their agent can advise them on issues that they don’t even realize are there. Their agent can also negotiate on their behalf when most buyers don’t even realize they can negotiate with a new home builder on the sales price, options, incentives, and terms. – Tony Sena, Shelter Realty

9. Underestimating The Skill Required To Design And Build Modern Homes

Many clients today seek our architectural expertise to design modern homes with a minimal, yet sophisticated material palette. Often these clients underestimate the skill required to design and build these types of designs, not realizing that achieving crisp lines and clean joints requires essentially zero tolerance between dissimilar materials.  The truth is that executing modern design requires a tremendous amount of thinking and coordination between the architect and contractor to deliver this level of exquisite, modern residential detail.  Modern design undoubtedly affirms the saying “less is more.” – Brian Grieb, GriD Architects

10. Building A New Construction Home Is A One-person Show

A good project is the result of a good team, from the design team (architects and engineers) to the construction team (GC and each sub) and finally the owner/client who needs to make sessions in a timely manner and avoid changes. – Tagliaferri Architects, Inc 

11. You’ll Save Money Not Using A Real Estate Agent

One of the most common misconceptions homebuyers have when buying a new construction home is that they think they will save money on the home by not using a Real Estate Agent. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. The commission percentage is a predetermined amount worked out by the builder and the sales representatives so the number does not change one way or the other. You’re more likely to work out a better deal with a Real Estate agent working on your behalf because they know how the process works and what to ask for.  You’ll also have added protection throughout the entire home building and buying process with the resources a Real Estate Agent can provide. -Ryan Fitzgerald – Uphomes 

12. That A Custom Build Will Be Less Expensive And Happen Quickly

When it comes to building a custom home, there have been a lot of changes in the Puget Sound with coverage and zoning and there is less and less land to build on that is close to areas homebuyers want to be. There’s also the fact that raw materials and labor have seen double-digit increases over the last few years which helps add to the rising costs of homebuilding. But a custom-home has a lot of rewards. It has your signature touch and hopefully has design elements that make it special to you.  But it is a journey, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t had to compromise somewhere. – Joe Patterson, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty 

Lexi Klinkenberg of Redfin contributed to this story which was originally published on The Redfin Blog.

Shelter Realty is a Real Estate and Property Management Company specializing in the areas of HendersonLas Vegas and North Las Vegas, NV. Feel free to give us a call at 702.376.7379 so we can answer any questions you may have.

Home Warranty Dangers

Landlords Beware: Learn What Not To Do With Our Unfortunate Experience With Choice Home Warranty

LAS VEGAS, NV – Many landlords jump at the idea of spending around $550 for a home warranty that covers their property for repairs and replacement costs over a 12 month period. All that is required is an up front fee of usually $75 and the home warranty will send out a licensed contractor to assess the issue. If it was just that simple, I’m sure everyone would want a home warranty to ensure their home is protected against unexpected repair costs.

The reality is, Home Warranties are not all they’re cracked up to be. What they don’t tell you when they are trying to sell you their products is that many items aren’t covered so unless you ask specifically what is not covered before you sign up, they will tell you after the fact that it’s listed in the fine print when you have a repair issue that isn’t covered. What they also don’t tell you is that it can take up to 48 hours for their preferred vendors to even get assigned the work order. How would you like to have that conversation with your tenant, I’m sorry but the property has a home warranty so we have to use the vendor that is assigned but they can’t get to your home for 48 hours; that’s not going to go over well with the tenant.

Episode 140: Home Warranty Dangers by: (An excellent representation of issues with Home Warranty services.

Not every Home Warranty Company is awful, but I would definitely say to steer clear of Choice Home Warranty. Here is an example of a recent claim we filed with Choice Home Warranty for an A/C issue.

  • We placed a claim for our Landlord’s property on Saturday 6/27/2020  for the upstairs a/c unit, my property manager was on hold for almost an hour waiting to place a claim before they finally were able to speak with a representative.
  • We called the vendor they assigned on Monday since the tenants hadn’t heard from anyone yet to set up an appointment. When we spoke to the vendor, they said they never received a work order from Choice Home Warranty. So after sitting on hold for 1.5 hours we got through and Choice Home Warranty resent the work order. 
  • On 6/30/2020, their vendor arrived at 3 pm, completed a hard start on the a/c unit and left. The a/c stopped working again an hour later. We tried to place a recall on 6/30/2020 with Choice Home Warranty around 4pm and after 2 hours of waiting on hold and calls being dropped we opted for the call back option. My property manager waited around with her work cell phone until 10pm but never received a call back. 
  • On 7/1/2020 the property manager called the vendor to see if they could go back and they said we have to call Choice Home Warranty for a recall. My property manager called Choice Home Warranty and after waiting a total of 3 hours and 4 dropped calls later she finally got through and they placed a recall. My property manager called the vendor back to tell them a recall has been placed and now the vendor stated they don’t need to come back but they need Choice Home Warranty to approve a new compressor which will take approx. 2 weeks with shipping. My property manager calls Choice Home Warranty back and they say they are awaiting this information from the vendor. 
  • On 7/2/2020 my property manager calls Choice Home Warranty for an update, they say it’s been approved and it will be in within 2-3 weeks.
  • On 7/12/2020 the vendor calls my property manager and states that they received a condensing unit but it wont work with the old evaporator coils so they need an additional $4000.
  • On 7/12/2020 my property manager relayed this information to the landlords who subsequently called Choice Home Warranty for further explanation.
  • On 7/13/2020 a Choice Home Warranty case manager emails the landlord  a new condenser and “indoor unit” will be $2,875, no further explanation was given as to why or what was wrong. Over the next 10 days, my property manager and the landlord emailed, called and left voicemails for the case manager requesting further explanation but never received a response back from the case manager. When my property manager and landlord requested someone else to assist them, they were advised by other representatives from Choice Home Warranty that we have to speak with the assigned case manager.
  • On 7/24/2020 my property manager contacted the vendor to see if they had any further update from Choice Home Warranty and they advised that they just received an approval the day before for a new evaporator coil along with the condensing unit for $2,875.
  • On 7/24/2020 the landlord paid the $2,875.
  • On 7/25/2020 the vendor ordered the evaporator coils.
  • On 8/4/2020 the new system was installed.

Luckily, this property had (2) a/c units and only one was not working. We were able to have a portable a/c unit installed to help keep the property cooled while the tenant waited a little over 5 weeks for their a/c unit to be repaired. In addition to the $2,875 the landlord had to pay for the cost of the a/c repair, the landlord had to pay $25 a day for the portable a/c unit and give the tenant a credit towards their power bill as the portable a/c unit was a big draw on power and caused their power bill to go up significantly.

If you are a landlord and you decide a home warranty is worth the investment, be sure to research each and every Home Warranty Company as well as each and every covered item before purchasing your warranty so that you can hopefully avoid the issues that we have experienced with Choice Home Warranty.

Although Shelter Realty does not generally recommend a landlord to purchase a home warranty, we do have several landlords that have home warranties in place. If you would like any recommendations on what Home Warranties we do recommend, give us a call at 702.376.7379 and ask for Shelly, she would be glad to discuss Home Warranties with you.

Shelter Realty is a Real Estate and Property Management Company specializing in the areas of HendersonLas Vegas and North Las Vegas, NV. Feel free to give us a call at 702.376.7379 so we can answer any questions you may have.

Construction Worker

Why Hiring The Right Las Vegas Property Management Company Matters

I recently sold a home in the Northwest part of Las Vegas for a former real estate investor. He purchased the home years ago with the intentions of living in the home but plans changed. He ended up meeting someone, they got married and they bought a house. So instead of selling his Las Vegas home, he decided to become a landlord. Unfortunately, he did not choose a reputable Las Vegas Property Management Company and decided he doesn’t want to be a landlord anymore after years of issues.

The tenant was not authorized to have a pet and the property management company returned majority of the tenant’s deposit back to the tenant; the client was now paying for all the damage and clean-up out of his pocket and the property management company refused to compensate him for mismanagement.

I won’t name the property management company but they managed the property for several years and after hearing about the issues he had with them and seeing the current condition of the property, it was obvious the property was mismanaged during the entire time he had it rented out with this particular property management company. Before I could even list the home on the market for sale, my client had to replace the entire carpet upstairs as it was saturated in pet urine which was beyond obvious by the stench in the house. He also had to remove drywall in the downstairs hall closet as it was stained with pet urine and had a tremendous stench of urine. This should have been handled by the property management company once the tenant vacated the property but they never documented the obvious pet urine stains and smell in the hall closet or the stench in the house which would have been a major indicator there was pet damage. Another indicator that the tenant had pets was the pet feces in the backyard and based on the amount of feces in the backyard, it had to have been there for months. Here’s the kicker, the tenant was not authorized to have a pet and the property management company returned majority of the tenant’s deposit back  to the tenant! My client was now paying for all the damage and clean-up out of his pocket and the property management company refused to compensate him for their mismanagement!

If the property manager would have conducted property inspections at any point during the lease term, it’s highly likely they would have detected the tenant had a pet and prevented the pet damage before it became a big issue. According to my client, the property management company did not conduct any property inspections and the move-out report indicated the tenant left the property in good condition. I was beside myself on how they believed the tenant left the property in good condition based on the overall current condition of the home???

I tried to convince my client that not all property management companies mismanage properties and he should give Shelter Realty an opportunity to manage his property. We have a full time staff of property managers whom work together on the overall management of each and every one of the properties we manage. We conduct property inspections every 6 months which is documented on an iPad app that allows our field agents to take photos and embed them within the report, detailed notes and the tenant can even sign with a stylus or their finger. This inspection report can then be emailed directly to the landlord right from the field without the need to go back to the office to email.

Even though my client was impressed with how Shelter Realty uses technology to manage over 600 properties in the Las Vegas valley, he made the decision he no longer wanted to be a landlord. This is why hiring the right property management company is important. If you own an investment property, it’s imperative you interview multiple property management companies, ask questions and request to speak with a few of their current clients in order to get feedback on how they are managing their investment properties.

Shelter Realty is a Real Estate and Property Management Company specializing in the areas of HendersonLas Vegas and North Las Vegas, NV. Feel free to give us a call at 702.376.7379 so we can answer any questions you may have.

Florida Tenant is Killed by Landlord During Eviction

Florida Tenant is Killed by Landlord During Eviction

In Winter Springs, Florida, a Landlord’s son was removing the tenant’s belongs from his parent’s property when the tenants showed up. The tenants had been served with eviction paperwork giving them until August 23rd to vacate the property. The male tenant and the landlord’s son got into an argument while the tenant’s girlfriend called the police. While she was on the phone with the police dispatcher she advised the landlord’s son had a pistol on his hip. A short time later as she spoke with the dispatcher, the landlord’s son allegedly drew the weapon and fired several shots at the male tenant and unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries later that day at the hospital. The landlord’s son was later arrested and charged with first degree murder, even though he’s claimed it was self defense.

I’m not familiar with Landlord/Tenant law in Florida but I would assume the landlord’s son had no business removing the tenant’s belongings. According to the news article, the tenant had until August 23rd to vacate the property which leaves me to believe the landlord’s son violated the law by removing the tenant’s belongings prior to the eviction date. When landlords are not familiar with their state laws regarding Landlord/Tenant, they can unknowingly be violating their tenant’s rights.

This is why it’s very important to be familiar with your state’s laws pertaining to Landlord/Tenant and if not,  you should hire a licensed property manager to manage your property. If you decide to manage your property without the use of a property manager and find you need to begin the eviction process, hire an eviction service that knows the laws. This also could prevent the landlord and tenant from any unnecessary confrontations during the servicing of the notice.

If you are in need of a property manager, call Shelly Fryer with Shelter Realty at 702.376.7379 or if you need of an eviction service, call Brittany with Las Vegas Eviction Service at 702.279.6470.

Is Zillow Getting Into the Las Vegas Home Selling Business With ‘Instant Offers’?

Is Zillow Getting Into the Las Vegas Home Selling Business With ‘Instant Offers’?

It was just announced that Zillow launched a pilot program called ‘Instant Offers’ for home sellers in Las Vegas and Orlando. This programs allows for investors to submit an all cash offer directly to the seller through Zillow’s platform without the need of a real estate agent. In an effort to save face with real estate agents, Zillow will have its participating Premier Agents submit a comparative market analysis with the investor’s offer so the seller can decide if they want to accept the offer and close quickly, accept the offer and have the transaction managed by a real estate agent or hire a local real estate agent to list and sell their property.

Zillow will not be charging for this service for obvious reasons. If they were to charge for this service, Nevada law would require Zillow to be licensed as a real estate broker due to the fact they would be receiving compensation for selling real estate.

Zillow acquired DotLoop, a real estate transaction system, back in 2015 and ‘Instant Offers’ will utilize Dotloop’s transaction system to streamline the real estate transaction. I know I, like many other real estate agents wondered why Zillow would acquire an online real estate transaction system when they claim their platform is designed to connect buyers and sellers with real estate agents.

If the pilot program, ‘Instant Offers’ is successful, what’s stopping Zillow from becoming a real estate brokerage and taking a percentage of each sale? This is why I believe it’s just a matter of time before Zillow attempts to replace the real estate agent based on the following facts:

  • Zillow dominates the online market share with, and
  • Zillow is now testing ‘Instant Offers’ with 15 Investors
  • ‘Instant Offers’ will be streamlined with the use of DotLoop’s real estate transaction system
  • Zillow can provide the home seller with a Zestimate instead of a comparative market analysis from a real estate agent.

I’m not the only one that believes Zillow is trying to replace real estate agents, Ben Kinney stated the following:

Zillow launches instant offers to potential sellers eliminating the agent for a 9% fee. Selling the home off the market with out the full exposure and opportunity to get the highest and best offer for your home. If this isn’t one step closer to all my agent friends and their families losing their careers and jobs and my clients not getting fair market value I don’t know what is.

I’m hoping with Zillow’s ‘Instant Offers’ announcement, real estate agents will now see that paying Zillow for leads is allowing Zillow to grow their market share, finance acquisitions and the development of new technology that will ultimately lead to the real estate agent being replaced.

586 Lairmont Place, Henderson Nevada: Remodel Project Update

586 Lairmont Place, Henderson Nevada: Remodel Project Update

The extensive remodel project at 586 Lairmont Place in MacDonald Highlands is now getting ready to proceed from the rough stages and onto the finish work. Level 5 drywall is currently being installed and expected completion of this stage is mid July 2016.

Front Rendering Ground View

The ultra luxury market in Las Vegas is very strong. What is very appealing of this project is the home’s renovation is so extensive, the updates give the entire home the feeling that it is more like new construction than a resale project. With new-builds taking approximately two years from conception to completion, buyers can enjoy ownership of this home in only a couple of months instead of the long process of building from dirt.

Once completed, this 11,700 square foot modern contemporary home located on the 9th green of Dragon Ridge golf course will feature 4 bedrooms, 10 baths, executive office suite, casita, wellness spa, new custom pool, underground 10 car garage, 3,500 square foot roof deck, an entertaining dream.

586 Lairmont

Las Vegas and Henderson luxury home specialists should start lining up their buyers now with expected delivery time of this home arriving in early September 2016. Agents may contact Tony Sena with Shelter Realty at 702-376-7379.

Shelter Realty Represents Buyer in Purchase of 586 Lairmont Place, Henderson NV

Shelter Realty Represents Buyer in Purchase of 586 Lairmont Place, Henderson NV

Shelter Realty agent Paul Rowe acted as the buyer’s agent on the purchase of a 12,000 square foot custom home in the upscale neighborhood of MacDonald Highlands. The $1.7 million dollar sale on 586 Lairmont Pl, Henderson NV closed on November 30th, 2015.

Originally constructed in 2010, this property is set to be completely renovated and reinserted back into the Las Vegas real estate market by July 2016.

I interviewed Paul about the upcoming plans for this project and here were his comments about the sale as well as the impending renovation plans.

This was a very interesting purchase. MacDonald Highlands was hit particularly hard during the recession, but is coming back strong now. The home was originally completed in 2010 and eventually was foreclosed upon in 2013. A new owner took possession in 2013 but never occupied the property. They had a grand vision to expand the property even larger; however, they eventually decided not to pursue the renovation, but not before completely demo-ing the property down to the floor boards and studs throughout the entire property.

It was placed back on the market in 2015 in this unfinished condition, but being such a daunting project, the retail buyers weren’t biting and the initial pricing was too high for the investors. The new owners I represented came in and picked it up at a pretty good time.

The home really is going to be like a new home for whomever buyers it after the renovation. It was barely ever lived in and now it is being reworked from the top to bottom with new everything. The pool will be new, landscaping new. All the finishes and fixtures, new, low voltage electronics throughout as well.

I love the new floor plan. It maintains the large capacity as a high profile entertainment home but is laid out so efficiently, a family will feel right at home. It is amazing how the rooms are interconnected. When you’re in it, it feels like a grand house but you still know what is going on in other areas of the home unlike some cavernous homes I’ve been in before.

The views are phenomenal. This house has a 4000 square foot finished roof deck. I am not joking, there are clubs on The Strip that don’t have this kind of space. You can see the entire Las Vegas valley from up there.

The current developers are already proceeding on the renovation and delivery is expected in late June 2016. There are opportunities for the eventual resale buyer to come in earlier during the renovation if they wish, and to take the home in a different direction prior to its completion. This is something that would have to be negotiated but as building from dirt in MacDonald Highlands can easily take about 24 months, it is a great opportunity to have like new construction that can be ready in only 4-5 months.

If You Can’t Sell Your Las Vegas Home, Rent it

If You Can’t Sell Your Las Vegas Home, Rent it

Shelter Realty has been contacted over the last month by several Las Vegas homeowners about listing their property for rent. The message has been very similar, my home is not selling and now I just want to rent it.

The Las Vegas Real Estate Market is changing and homes are not selling as quickly as they were a year ago.  Las Vegas home prices are up over the same period from last year but homes sales are down.  With the increased real estate inventory, homes are not selling and subsequently are sitting on the market vacant for a longer period of time.  To make matters worse, we are entering the holiday season when homes sales traditionally slow down.

If you are a Las Vegas seller and your property has been on the market for sale for over 90 days, I would recommend looking into placing your home on the market for rent.  Shelter Realty manages over 600 residential properties and are vacancy rates are below 5%.  By placing a renter in your property, you can minimize out of pocket mortgage costs while you wait for the sales market to shift.

For more information about our Las Vegas property management services, give us a call at 702.376.7379 or complete the form to the right to see if renting your home makes financial sense.

Immediate Opening for Full Time Las Vegas Residential Property Manager/Field Coordinator

Immediate opening for full time Las Vegas Residential Property Manager/Field Coordinator.

This is a field position consisting of move-ins, move-outs, make readies and inspections. You must have reliable transportation and drivers license.

You must possess a Real Estate License and Property Manager Permit.  If you do not possess a real estate license and permit, please do not submit your resume!

We are looking for a self-motivated team player with superior customer service skills, able to multi-task, well organized and does not require constant supervision.


  • Minimum 4 years residential property management experience
  • Ability to tactfully address, negotiate and resolve issues with owners, tenants, and vendors
  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Competent computer skills
  • Attention to detail


  • $16 – $18 an hour depending on experience
  • Mileage


  • Medical/Dental/Vision

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to info(@)

Shelter Realty, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Real Estate Company Reviews on Yelp

I receive calls from Yelp at least once or twice a month to sign up for their ad program for Business Owners but I have yet to sign up and for very good reason. As many property managers know, managing rental properties is a thankless job. It’s very rare you receive phone calls from landlords or tenants stating how happy they are with your services. It’s usually a tenant calling to notify you of some type of repair that is necessary or a repair that wasn’t completed to their satisfaction.  Many tenants believe property managers are at their beck and call and if a repair isn’t handled quickly enough or to their satisfaction, they won’t hesitate to place a negative review of your company on Yelp or threaten to place a negative review.

Am I worried about the negative reviews we have received? Not at all, as I know almost all the negative reviews are inaccurate.

Shelter Realty currently manages over 600 rental properties and have rented to thousands of tenants over the years and only have a few negative comments. There are just some tenants that no matter what you do, you will never make them happy.

The problem I have with Yelp reviews is that almost all our positive reviews aren’t displayed. You have to click on the link that states “other reviews that are not currently recommended” to view all our positive reviews from landlords who have shared their experience with Shelter Realty as their property manager. I asked the representative from Yelp why these positive reviews don’t display and the only answer I received is that it has to do with the algorithm. So my response to Yelp is:

Why would I pay to use your ad program and have my target clients (landlords) only see negative comments from tenants but none of  the positive reviews from my landlords?

I will continue to ask my clients who have advised us of their happiness with our services to take the time and share on Yelp but I would not recommend to any colleagues to pay for Yelp’s ad program until they fix their algorithm issues.

Commonly Used Terms In A Las Vegas HOA

It seems like a simple term, “unit owner”, however the Nevada Real Estate Division was recently tasked with a request to formally define what a unit owner is. According to a newly drafted opinion provided by the Commission, the term “UNIT OWNER” has been clarified and defined as follows and is referenced in NRS 116.095 and NRS 116.093 as well as NRS 116.2105:

“A unit’s owner is any person who is considered an owner of real property by law. Real property interests must be transferred in writing. Therefore, a unit’s owner is a person or entity that can provide a written conveyance or other writing that transfers a unit to them. The written conveyance or other writing must be signed by the person transferring the unit. A unit’s owner is also a lessee of a unit if the written lease expires when the common interest community expires. An owner of an entity that is a unit’s owner is anyone who can provide the association with evidence of ownership of the entity regardless of the ownership percentage.”

Note:  A deed does not need to be recorded for ownership to be effective, the law only requires that any transfer of interest in real property be in writing, signed by the grantor and notarized.  *Draft Nevada Real Estate Division Advisory Opinion, November 20, 2013.

This, like many other definitions that we hear on a daily basis can be somewhat confusing. We have compiled a number of commonly used terms, like the one above, and provided an abbreviated version of the definitions of those terms for your reference on the Shelter Management Group website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Shelter Realty or Shelter Management Group (SMG) team, we would be happy to help.

*It is highly recommended that you review these definitions with those sections of NRS 116 mentioned by logging on here.