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Las Vegas Condominium Market Given New Prominence Due to Millennial Home-Buying


Las Vegas Condominium Market Given New Prominence Due to Millennial Home-Buying

LAS VEGAS, NV – For a great while, condominiums failed to figure into the Las Vegas real estate marketplace to the same degree as stand-alone homes did; however, that began to drastically change right before COVID-19 hit, but while the pandemic caused a brief hiccup in the ascension of condos as a viable real estate marketplace asset, the market nonetheless recovered and rose to a status of prominence that is currently showing no signs of slowing down.

Today, condos in Las Vegas are viewed as an excellent and affordable alternative to the ever-increasing expense of stand-alone homes, especially among Millennials who are approaching typical home-buying age. In fact, in December 2021, condo sales in Southern Nevada totaled over $221 million, representing a 38.5 percent increase over December 2020, with the median sales price year-over-year jumping by 30.1 percent.

Condos have become a popular means to achieve home occupancy in Las Vegas in the face of the demand for housing options that, thus far, local Southern Nevada home developers have not been able to adequately address. This comes in the face of increased migration to Vegas by residents from neighboring states – especially California – that are in search of more affordable lifestyle options or investment properties when compared to their previous homes.

The two main groups that are driving condo sales in Las Vegas as of late are – first of all – millennials, many of whom are approaching the age where they are where they are considering becoming first-time homeowners. This is being driven in-part by this tech-savvy generation’s embracement of the concept of digital home buying, which can often be done on their cell phones for an easy shopping experience.

Secondly, approximately 25 percent of Las Vegas condo buyers since 2019 have been residents from California, some of whom were making the move to Nevada permanent and were able to purchase residences with cash due to the sale of their original home; many others have been second-home buyers who have retained their California residences.

Experts see 2022 continuing this trend, especially if the state of California passes its much-talked-about “wealth tax,” in addition to other ongoing cost of living increases that residents consider excessive and, in many cases, unsustainable.

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