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Airbnb to Block One-Night New Year’s Eve Rentals in Las Vegas from Users with Bad Reviews


Airbnb to Block One-Night New Year’s Eve Rentals in Las Vegas from Users with Bad Reviews

LAS VEGAS, NV – In an effort to crack down on unauthorized New Year’s Eve parties in their rental partner’s properties, Aidbnb recently announced that they would be blocking users with poor credentials from reserving one-night rentals in the Las Vegas region. The move, Airbnb says, is to assist with noise complaints from neighbors and damage complaints from their rental partners.

The announcement comes as a great many neighborhoods across the country have issued previous complaints regarding Airbnb customers disturbing their neighbors with noise and wild partying, which has been a long-standing complaint – especially in suburban Las Vegas communities – in regards to the service.

The vacation home rental company noted that guests who have a series of negative reviews from people they have rented from in the past will be automatically blocked from reserving one-night stays in the Southern Nevada region – always known as a popular destination for partiers on New Year’s Eve.

Airbnb has implemented similar one-night rental bans on other major holidays in Las Vegas, including Halloween, New Year’s Eve 2021, the Fourth of July, and local users under the age of 25 with a history of poor reviews. Overall, the company noted that over 1,550 reservations in the region were blocked due to these policies.

Based on their success in lowering the number of holiday-related complaints in Las Vegas with these new policies, Airbnb has announced that they intend to implement these bans on individuals with consistently poor reviews in other cities throughout the United States.

In addition, Airbnb has other polices that discourage users from renting properties to use as party hangouts, including putting a cap on the occupancy of any rental home at 16 people due to the ingoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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