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The Harsh Impact of Eviction Bans on One Struggling Las Vegas Mom-and-Pop Landlord

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The Harsh Impact of Eviction Bans on One Struggling Las Vegas Mom-and-Pop Landlord

LAS VEGAS, NV – A local news outlet recently ran an opinion piece written by a struggling local mom-and-pop landlord and the financial hurdles that are constantly being placed in their path as a result of the ongoing pandemic, driving home the point that it’s not only renters who are suffering in myriad ways due to COVID-19.

Sarah Savko wrote the opinion piece in reaction to a column written on Assembly Bill 141, a proposed piece of legislation that, if passed, would seal eviction records incurred during the pandemic – not allowing future landlords to know if a renter has a history of not paying rent – as well as giving long-term renters greatly increased amounts of time to vacate after being served with a no-cause eviction. The column in question viewed Bill 141 as a positive development for hard-hit renters that would give them “a degree of respect.”

However, Savko, herself a local independent landlord, felt it necessary to share the other side of the story, and how Bill 141 – if passed – could greatly exacerbate an already intolerable situation for many in her position.

Savko notes that she has a tenant for the one property that she owns, and that tenant has not paid their rent in months, despite currently being consistently employed throughout the pandemic at a job that pays $80,000 a year; current eviction moratoriums in-place allow renters who claim to be financially impacted by COVID – often without having to provide any proof at all – safeguarded from evictions.

This has forced Savko – who relies on her rental income to pay her own rent and fund her costly cancer treatments – to dip into her savings, and as a result her personal funds have been greatly diminished while being forced to provide free room and board for her own tenant, without any assistance from local government.

It got even worse when the tenant – who was on a month-to-month lease agreement – told her that they have signed a CDC moratorium form, and offered to pay Savko the back rent owed only if she agreed to extend his lease to a full year.

Thankfully, Savko realized that this was most likely an attempt to coerce a full year of free rent from her, since the tenant had already proved to be more than willing to game the system at her expense; why, with a one-year lease under their belt, would the tenant bother paying anything going forward?

Currently, Savko is owed over $10,000 and the amount continues climbing while she is struggling to survive on social security and her retirement savings while a tenant who makes twice what she does is bleeding her dry due to statewide pandemic-based eviction bans that heavily favor renters in almost every regard.

Savko worked hard and purchased her rental property to, in her words, “allow me some sort of stability later in life.” Sadly, she feels that the state of Nevada has failed landlords like her during this pandemic, and in that sense it is hard to argue with her; if Assembly Bill 141 passes in the Nevada legislature, it may fail her all the more.

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