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Short-Term Rental Owners Consider Legal Action Against City of Henderson Over Potential New Restrictions

City of Henderson Editorial credit: Kit Leong /

Short-Term Rental Owners Consider Legal Action Against City of Henderson Over Potential New Restrictions

LAS VEGAS, NV – According to recent reports, short-term rental owners are considering legal action against the city of Henderson in response to potential new restrictions that they claim could hurt their business.

Until recently, Henderson was the only Southern Nevada city that allowed short-terms rentals to operate in a residential neighborhood without any major restrictions on how long renters could remain in a property. The city of Henderson currently imposes an annual licensing fee upon short-term rental owners of $820.

However, Henderson has been receiving pushback from many of the neighborhoods that these short-term rentals are located in, with residents issuing complaints that range from noise and disruptive parties to an overall abundance of rentals on a single block, giving the neighborhood – according to one complainant with four rentals within 200 feet of her home – the feel of “a motel strip.”

In addition to the rentals that operate legally, there are reports of additional unlicensed homes being rented out illegally as well. Henderson has been collecting fines from renters that violate their rules, but reports indicate that this is not helping the situation sufficiently.

Therefore, the Henderson City Council will be voting this week on proposed amendments to their ordinance that governs short-terms rentals due to the blowback from residents. The recommended changes include clarifying what constitutes a violation; revising the process for filing complaints; requiring 1,000 feet separation between rentals; limiting rental duration by a particular party to 21 days; revisions to fines and fees, and more.

However, renters are threatening legal action against Henderson if the new rules are not considered reasonable or if they infringe on their constitutional rights, but expressed willingness to be flexible and work with the city council to arrive at an agreement.

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