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Las Vegas Construction Projects Seeking, Hiring U.S. Military Vets for Leadership, Teamwork Skills

Las Vegas Construction Projects Seeking, Hiring U.S. Military Vets for Leadership, Teamwork Skills

LAS VEGAS, NV – Construction projects in Las Vegas have been ramping up in recent months through an effort to satisfy the growing demand for both housing units and new space for the city’s business sector, and developers in the region – especially when it comes to the in-progress Las Vegas Stadium – have been turning to U.S. military veterans in order to get the job done.

When asked why vets were figuring so heavily into the expansion of Las Vegas’ housing and industrial communities, developers cited several aspects that military training typically instills into its members – most notably, a soldier’s intense sense of leadership and teamwork, reports say. There are no specific laws or requirements governing the hiring of those who have engaged in military service, but nonetheless employers in the construction field have been actively seeking them out in large numbers to assist in completing their many projects…especially the Las Vegas Stadium, future $2 billion home of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL team.

The contractor behind the stadium – Mortenson Construction Company – noted that three percent of man hours of work put in by subcontractors on the site by the end of September 2018 were by veterans and as time goes by and more veterans are hired, that number is expected to rise significantly. After all, the strict discipline and structure that military men and women was taught while serving their country can be a big part of achieving success once they rotate back to their civilian lives.

A-1 Concrete Cutting and Demolition, a Las Vegas-based firm that is involved with work on the stadium, currently boasts of a team made up of approximately 30 percent ex-military members; the company’s owner, Joe Monteiro, notes that it’s one of the main things he looks for when it comes to potential hires, citing the innate toughness displayed by many vets and how it translates into the quality of their work.

“In construction work, you need team players. You don’t need a guy that thinks he knows it all and can do it all, because you can’t,” he said. “If you don’t have your co-workers working alongside of you, they’ll bury you, and how they bury you is by not performing or making you look bad.”

The Caesars Forum convention center, a $375 million project, is currently in the midst of construction; PENTA Building Group, the general contractor responsible for it, features a workforce made up of over 15 percent of military vets, and is on the lookout for more at any given time, according to PENTA’s marketing manager Tim Putnam.

“We understand there’s great talent in the military,” he said. “It’s great being able to say we’ll help them transition to civilian life, and hopefully we gain a great employee in the process.”

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