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Marketing Your Las Vegas Home

Marketing Your Las Vegas Home

Just as successful businesses don’t use one single marketing strategy to the exclusion of all others, so is it with real estate.  Successful Las Vegas real estate agents use a number of marketing tools to market their clients’ homes.  That said, some are more popular than others.

Listing online.  Once the mainstay of real estate marketing, newspaper ads have become dramatically less popular.  With the rise of searchable home listing sites like,,, and others, flipping through the pages of a physical newspaper is, for most buyers, so 1999.  And that’s the key in successfully marketing your Las Vegas home to sell – going where the buyers are.  Sure, you can get a killer deal on a 1/4 page ad in the newspaper, but if very few buyers read it, what’s the point?

Another benefit of advertising listing online is the ease of measurability.  You can easily measure the number of impressions your ad or listing received (how many times it appeared on a page that a web visitor was looking at), the number of clicks on that ad or listing, and more.  That way, you can see what’s working – and what isn’t – and make smart changes in response.

It’s all (or partly at least) about who you know.  They say that most real estate transactions are the result of connections.  That’s why the best real estate agents have extensive networks of other buyers’ agents and sellers’ agents who act as one big referral network.  That way, I can target my clients’ listings to buyers’ agents who help buyers in that particular neighborhood, for example.

Market, then market some more.  At the end of the day, marketing – online, offline, through connections, with a yard sign, whatever – is how you’ll get the word out about your home for sale.

When interviewing real estate agents to help you sell your home, ask about their marketing strategies – ask how they spend on advertising and where they advertise. (How much money a real estate agent spends on marketing is not nearly as important as how he spends it.) Ask what kind of innovative technologies they use to market your home.  And perhaps most importantly, ask to see the proof.

Ask me how we can market your Las Vegas home for sale.  Call us at (702) 376-7379 or contact Shelter Realty online here.