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How Can A VA Compromise Sale Help Underwater Las Vegas Homeowners?

How Can A VA Compromise Sale Help Underwater Las Vegas Homeowners?

How Can A VA Compromise Sale Help Underwater Las Vegas Homeowners?

If your Las Vegas property is secured by a VA loan with a mortgage balance that is higher than the appraised value, and you need to sell, then you may be eligible for a special program called a VA Compromise Sale.

Basically, a VA Compromise Sale is a program similar to a short sale transaction, which is designed to help veterans sell a property with an upside down mortgage balance without taking a huge financial loss.

In any case, if you bought a home with a VA loan back when the housing market was healthy, you probably didn’t foresee the need to sell your home in the depressed housing market of today.

The need to move overseas, divorce or or a station change are a few of the reasons that would force a VA homeowner into selling a property.

Obviously, for many veteran borrowers who are facing this scenario, taking a loss on the sale of their home could result in extreme financial difficulty.

How Can A VA Compromise Sale Help Me?

If you are selling your house and receive a purchase offer for less than what you still owe on your VA loan, you can turn in an application with the Veterans Administration for a VA Compromise Sale.

In many ways, a VA Compromise Sale is similar to a short sale with another type of mortgage program.

The good news is that if you receive approval for a VA Compromise Sale, then the VA will redeem you for the difference between what you can sell your house for and what you have left on your VA loan.

To Qualify, You Must Show Proof Of:

  • Financial difficulties.
  • The realistic market value of your house at time of sale.
  • A VA appraisal.
  • Standard closing costs.
  • No second lien (the VA does makes rare exceptions if the total is not significant).
  • The reasons why you are selling your home.

Another important component of getting approved for a VA Compromise Sale is that the total net loss should be less than if the property was taken back by the bank through foreclosure proceedings.

So basically, if it costs more to foreclose vs “short sale” the home, then there is a greater chance of getting a VA Compromise Sale approved.

On another note, if your VA loan originated before December 31, 1989 you might have to sign a promissory note as well as enter a payment plan to redeem the VA a percentage of the compromise claim payment. This sum would end up being less than what you would owe if you did not originally have a VA loan, and the payment plan itself is formulated around what you would reasonably be able to pay.

Our Short Sale team has a proven track record of successfully negotiating with banks to help homeowners sell their properties for less than they owe on their mortgages. However, with a VA Compromise Sale, most of the negotiating process is reduced to simply filling out the proper paperwork and submitting a clean and fully completed package.

Please feel free to contact us to see if your property or unique short sale scenario might be eligible for a VA Compromise Sale.