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Las Vegas Short Sales 201

Las Vegas Short Sales 201

Ok, you have been researching Las Vegas short sales on Google, Suze Orman, talking with friends etc. You know that you may have a way out of a dreadful situation and avoid foreclosure. You know you need to take action, but can you? Yes you can! Many people never get past the research phase because they are afraid to reach out and seek the help they need.

First, talk to your tax professional. If you don’t have one, get one! You need to know the ramifications of doing a short sale. You must get the facts on what potential tax liabilities you might owe and what strategies your tax professional can suggest to mitigate any tax burden.

For those of us who live in “deficiency” States such as Nevada where I live, you need to know if a lender can obtain a judgment against you for any portion of the debt that is lost during a short sale by a lender. Recent bills passed by Congress have made it much easier for homeowners doing short sales to avoid deficiencies.

Hire a Las Vegas Realtor who specializes or at the least has significant experience in short sales. The days of hiring Aunt Sallie or your girlfriend’s brother to be your Realtor because you want to do them a favor or because you’ll feel guilty at the next Thanksgiving Day dinner if you don’t, have been suspended during this horrible market for sellers. You need a professional who will know how to deal with the bank bureaucracies as well as run the real estate portion of a short sale.

Remember your Realtor has four phases to manage:

  1. List the property.
  2. Negotiate the settlement on your behalf with your bank(s).
  3. Manage the offers and negotiate with potential buyers.
  4. Manage a good portion of the escrow as there will be heavy coordination between the bank, the listing agent and title. If you’re a buyer’s agent, encourage your buyer to let the listing agent choose title, as they are the ones that have most of the information related to the transaction and are performing the negotiations with the bank.

Remember sellers, the key to moving on beyond your own research is seeking professionals who can help you. They have facts and experience necessary to guide you to your ultimate goal of a successful short sale.

You can contact us at 702.376.0088 to set up a free consultation and we can discuss the short sale process.