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Conditions for Mortgage Approval

Conditions for Mortgage Approval

Meeting with a loan officer for the first time can be a quick and painless experience if you are prepared.

The following is a list of the general borrower information and conditions that need to be presented at the time of the initial mortgage application process for a full approval:

Personal Information

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Social Security Number
  4. 2 Yrs Residence History – monthly payment, rent or own, payment method
  5. List of all Real Estate Owned – values, balances, monthly payments, taxes, and insurance
  6. 2 Yrs Employment History – job title, yrs in industry, income / structure, contact information

Subject Property Information

  1. Type of property purchasing – Condo, Single Family Residence, Las Vegas High Rise, New Construction, Re-sell
  2. Residence Status – Primary, Second Home, Investment Property
  3. Budgeted Down Payment
  4. Budgeted Monthly Payment
  5. Desired Program Type – Fixed, ARM, Negative Amortization, Reverse Mortgage
  6. Names to be listed or left off of title
  7. Estimated time in property
  8. Goals with property


  1. Most recent 2 pay stubs
  2. Most recent 2 Yrs. W2’s
  3. Most recent 2 Yrs. Tax Returns
  4. Most recent 2 Bank Statements, 401k, Mutual Fund, or other Investment Accounts

The application process is a time where your loan officer can help you structure the best mortgage plan of action that will fit with your long and short term financial goals.