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New Las Vegas Hotel to Utilize Artificial Intelligence to Personalize and Enhance Guests’ Experience

New hotel concept coming to Las Vegas gives visitors ability to customize their space

New Las Vegas Hotel to Utilize Artificial Intelligence to Personalize and Enhance Guests’ Experience

LAS VEGAS, NV – When they open their doors for business later this year, Otonomus Hotel will be offering guests a unique way to ensure a memorable stay each and every time they come: utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to customize and enhance their experience to their exact needs and wants.

Philippe Ziade, CEO and Founder of Growth Holdings – Otonomus Hotel’s developer – said that this new concept of fully powering a hotel with AI in order to personalize guests’ stay is filling a very real void that currently exists in the current hotel model. And he noted that the firm’s status as not just a real estate developer, but as a tech company as well, ensures that the coding goes hand-in-hand with the bricklaying.

“So, it’s really all these layers that the hospitality industry is missing today. That’s what we’re bringing with the concept. It’s really the best value product on the market – that’s how we see it. Where it gives you the best of both worlds,” Ziade said. “We are different to start with, because we are developers as well as technology developers – not just real estate – so that makes us very unique in connecting these minds across these different industries to create that new concept.”

Currently in development, the “Class A” complex – which will be a hybrid comprised of 60 percent hotels rooms and 40 percent apartments – is situated on a 13-acre plot of land in the vicinity of Allegiant Stadium, located at the corner of Russell Road and Decatur Boulevard. The apartment will feature standard 12-month leases as well as short-term rentals that come fully-furnished.

All rooms will boast interconnectivity via a series of doors that can be locked or unlocked by the hotel’s AI algorithm, allowing guests to book the exact number and configuration of rooms they want for their stay, from just one single room all the way up to a six-bedroom penthouse.

The AI – via a downloadable mobile app – will also function as a “personal assistant” that can be used to request cleaning, as well ordering food, extra towels or toiletries to be sent to your room; the requested items will be delivered via a two-way cabinet by the main door of your room, known as an “E-Butler.”

In addition, the AI will keep a permanent record of the guest’s preferences, so if they return even years later, their room will automatically remember the same exact temperature and language preferences, how they take their coffee, food likes/dislikes, and other settings as before, as well as being able to offer personalized entertainment recommendations and even the ability to check in and out through their phone.

So, two years later you come – we have a better service than a five-star hotel,” Ziade said. “Because they’re not going to remember who you are unless you spend millions of dollars. So that’s what we do.”

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