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Abandoned 1.1 Acre Las Vegas White Sands Motel Site Hits Auction for Discounted $1.5 million

White Sands Motel

Abandoned 1.1 Acre Las Vegas White Sands Motel Site Hits Auction for Discounted $1.5 million

LAS VEGAS, NV – The long-abandoned Las Vegas White Sands Motel site – with the pool empty, existing building boarded-up and encircled with barbed wire fencing, now home to a stray cat colony – has been listed on the local real estate marketplace for $1.5 million by the estate of late owner Spartaco Colleli, in the hopes that even the most dilapidated property in Southern Nevada can fetch a healthy sum from the right investor.

The former motel – located on a 1.1 acre parcel of land on Las Vegas Boulevard, across from the Luxor Hotel and Casino – is being auctioned off on a website called Ten-X, which is accepting bids from December 12 to 14. The listing claims that the property’s “redevelopment opportunities are endless” due in-part to its proximity to Allegiant Stadium, T-Mobile Arena, and other well-known establishments.

Currently, it’s unknown if any bids will be made upon the property, or how much money overall it will generate in an auction; however, the building – originally constructed in the 1950s – is currently in a substantial state of disrepair, having been the target of vandalism and squatting by homeless people and cats for years.

With that being the case, the motel will most likely be torn down and the land re-developed if it does indeed sell next month, with the property likely used for some sort of tourist attraction due to its prominent location on the Las Vegas Strip.

The White Sands Motel site has been unsuccessfully put on the open market several times over the years for various asking prices. It was initially offered for $25 million in 2016, then for $18 million in 2021, and finally $12 million in spring 2022, with no takers each time. The $1.1 million starting price for this new auction represents the lowest amount it’s been advertised for yet, and experts believe that this may finally push buyers to take the plunge.

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