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Experts Encouraging Las Vegas Residents Looking to Switch Careers to Consider Real Estate

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Experts Encouraging Las Vegas Residents Looking to Switch Careers to Consider Real Estate

LAS VEGAS, NV – Real estate experts are reporting that home-buying in Las Vegas is reaching a fever pitch, and are recommending that residents who are looking to change careers in the near future to consider real estate, as things will likely get even better when the COVID-19 pandemic eventually comes to an end.

With a large influx of people into Southern Nevada looking to take advantage of record-low mortgage rates, low inventory, and the low cost of living when compared to many other regions of the United States, real estate in Las Vegas is already bouncing back from the pandemic far more quickly than first anticipated. Demand is so great, experts say, that buyers are getting so competitive with one another that many are actually skipping property inspections, buying homes sight unseen, and even paying well over the appraised value.

However, when the pandemic finally comes to an end, thousands more homes are expected to enter the marketplace when eviction moratoriums – put into place both locally and federally to aid those financially impacted by COVID – finally come to an end and foreclosures start happening en masse.

While waiting for eviction moratoriums to eventually end, experts say, an individual looking to get into real estate could be working on their license, which can be obtained in only four to five months.

The rapid economic growth exhibited by Las Vegas prior to the pandemic is another reason people should be considering entering the real estate field, experts say, as the region is bringing in many big-league corporations, and professional sports teams who are attracted by the businesses-friendly climate Nevada offers.

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