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Las Vegas Outpaces U.S. 2018 Average Employment in Terms of Construction

Las Vegas Outpaces U.S. 2018 Average Employment in Terms of Construction

LAS VEGAS, NV – Looking back at 2018, Las Vegas can boast of a great many things – a booming economy, a healthy job market, booming real estate, an influx of new residents and businesses – but one item that stands out just as impressively is the fact that employment in the local construction industry blew up at roughly twice the rate when compared to the rest of the United States.

With a plethora of ongoing high-profile building projects – including the Las Vegas Raiders NFL stadium, a new baseball stadium, numerous single-family homes, apartment buildings, and condos, retail buildings, warehouses and more –  nearly 68,000 people were employed by the Las Vegas construction industry last year, representing a jump of nearly 9 percent from the same period in 2017, as per reports. In contrast, construction jobs only grew on an average of 4 percent elsewhere in the country.

With demand for quality – and affordable – housing spiking in Las Vegas within the last few years, the only thing standing between prospective homeowners and their desire to move into new dwellings has been a shortage of workers, and in an attempt to offset the difficulty in attracting laborers, construction companies have been offering extra incentives in order to draw them in, including higher salaries and benefits. 

Slowly, but surely, the approach has been working, and output from the region’s contractors has been steadily increasing to meet demand; however, according to reports, the workforce is still under-populated and companies are still looking for qualified workers.

The housing job market in Las Vegas currently, while very impressive by national standards, still pales in comparison to how it was in the “good old days.” Previously, before the housing market crash of the mid-2000’s, construction companies in Las Vegas employed approximately 112,000 workers; following the burst of the housing bubble, however, the market could only sustain fewer than 35,000 workers. Needless to say, the modern market is clearly in the rise once again.

Real Estate professionals in Las Vegas in 2018 reported record numbers of sales, with the marker hitting highs not seen in the Southern Nevada Region in over a decade. Scarcity has resulted in elevated pricing, but as more workers are brought in by home-builders in the area, a greater output of dwellings will result in prices stabilizing and, eventually, dropping to more affordable levels, although it is worth noting that Vegas’ cost of living, even now, is lower than much of the country, especially when compared to neighboring states such as California.

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