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Property Management Maintenance Limits

Property Management Maintenance Limits

Most property management companies will offer a set maintenance limit upon initiating a new contract with a landlord. The majority of Las Vegas property management companies set this limit at $300 – 500. This means that at property manager can approve any repair to your home that is less than that amount without the landlord’s prior approval. For some landlords this is fine, but for the majority of landlords this amount is more than they are comfortable pre approving and this has been our experience here at Shelter Realty.  This has prompted some property management companies to find other solutions in order to make their clients confident in their ability to provide good property management services.

At Shelter Realty we feel a good property management company should be able to maintain a property with minimal repair limits, for instance limits of $250. They should have vendors who are willing to work with these lower limits and who are willing to make additional trips back to the property without charging additional fees (trip charges).

As most people have experienced, a lot of vendors these days upsell for commissions or heavily mark up the material’s. So a vendor with a high maintenance limit and pre-approvals might just take advantage of those situations and the landlord know none the better. Having lower maintenance limits helps to control these situations and discourages over charging . A good honest vendor will make the minor repair upon the initial visit and ensure it is under the approved limit. If a repair can truly not be completed for less, the vendor is happy to leave the property and provide the management company with an estimate. These vendors look forward to obtaining approval and visiting the property again to complete the repairs.

When your property management company can find vendors to accept this challenge and these types of terms, you have a property management company that has exhausted the search for honest vendors; a management company that goes the extra mile to ensure their landlords are happy and comfortable to have them oversee their investment property.

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