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Las Vegas Homeowner Associations and Some of Their Unknown Rules

Las Vegas Homeowner Associations and Some of Their Unknown Rules

Living in Las Vegas and Henderson comes with many great things. Some may say one of those things includes Las Vegas Home Owners Associations or HOA’s.  They help to regulate the standards in our community’s which most home owners and landlords come to appreciate. They watch over the neighborhoods to ensure everyone is abiding by the rules and regulations that help to keep the communities safe and clean. After all, that’s what they were created for. The “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” or the “Rules and Regulations” aren’t too difficult to follow.  For example, we are not allowed to leave our trash cans out on the curb after a certain amount of time on trash days; we have to install our satellite dishes where they cannot be seen; our festive decorations and lights have to come down once the holidays have passed and so on and so forth.

One key factor for new home owners, families moving to Las Vegas from out of state and investors is to be very aware of HOA communities and their common laws.  Unfortunately, a vast majority is unaware of these rules, sign the closing documents and /or lease and then come to find out about some of the more unknown rules. Did you know that in some communities you are not allowed to have a company vehicle? Some don’t even allow you to park it in the driveway. Most company vehicles cannot fit into a garage. What service technician wants to park his or her work truck on a public street to have it burglarized of all their equipment?  Or, did you know that many communities do not allow any vehicles to park on the street.  Maybe you have a garage full of recreational items or equipment and cannot fit that third car into the drive way. Only until it’s too late and you have accrued a fine or had your vehicle towed does this come to light; contracts have been signed and now you are stuck.  This can be a very unfortunate situation as you can imagine

How do you as a new homeowner, landlord or tenant avoid these situations? Make sure you have a good Realtor and/or Las Vegas Property Management Company that have the knowledge and know how to research the association’s rules and regulations on your behalf in order to avoid the these types of situations before they happen. They are more common that you can imagine.

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About the Author

Rachelle ‘Shelly’ Fryer is the office manager of the property management division and is also the maintenance coordinator at Shelter Realty. She has three years previous commercial property management experience as well.