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10 Questions to Ask When Buying Your New Condo (Part 2)

10 Questions to Ask When Buying Your New Condo (Part 2)

The other day I wrote about the first 5 questions you should ask when buying your new Las Vegas Condo.  Here are the other 5.

Question # 6: Has the condo unit been professionally inspected? It’s a good idea to include a contingency clause in your purchase offer for a profession inspection (you don’t want to be “surprised” by any defects). If the condo is a new-build, don’t rely on the buildings permit of occupancy (city building inspection) – the city carries no liability for defective or incomplete inspections.

Question #7: Is the condo soundproof? The main problem with condos is the lack of good soundproofing. It’s a good idea to view the condo in the afternoon or evening (when most neighbors are home). If they’re making noise (like watching TV, listening to music or talking), then you should be able to tell if the condo has good soundproofing. To reduce the chance of noise, try to buy an end-unit or top-floor-unit – this will limit the amount of neighbors (down to one) and therefore the amount of noise.

Question #8: Is the seller up-to-date with the applicable state statutes? If the condo was built before 1978, then a written lead-based paint disclosure report is required.  You may opt to have the condo professionally inspected (at your own expense). Additional local or state disclosures may be required for energy efficiency, building-code compliance, radon, and well-water quality; our agents know which disclosures are required in Las Vegas and Nevada.

Question #9: Are there any special contracts or long-term leases affecting the condo complex? You’ll want to find if the condo owners have control over the whole complex. Some new complexes still have titles (and contracts) through the developer, which gives the developer control – not the HOA.

Question #10: What are the key points to consider when assessing the condo complex?

  • Floor plan
  • Construction
  • Parking
  • Street access
  • Location
  • Property taxes
  • Amenities (community center, pool, tennis courts, golf)
  • Visual obstructions or sound concerns (power lines, factories or noisy railroads)

Buying a condo can be complex if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Hire a Shelter Realty agent to help you find the right Las Vegas condo at the best price and ensure that you’re asking the right questions. Call (702) 376-7379 to speak to one of our agents or browse our Las Vegas condos for sale.