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Shopping For A Hazard Insurance Policy

Hazard Insurance

Shopping For A Hazard Insurance Policy

When shopping for a hazard insurance policy, something called “bundling” can actually save you quite a bit of money that most people aren’t aware of.

Many of the big insurance companies price their insurance rates to attract a particular segment of the market. They usually price their hazard insurance policies to attract homeowners who need to insure not only their homes with hazard insurance, but also their cars with car insurance and lives with life insurance.

The big insurance companies want customers who will stay with them for years vs shopping around for a better deal every six months.  So, to give customers an incentive to stick with them, they offer discounts if you use the company for all three (hazard, auto, life) lines of insurance.

Companies offer “multiline discounts” to attract customers who will need more than one type of insurance. These companies offer a cheaper rate to insure both your house and car than if you insured each one separately at different companies.

The same goes if you add a second car or a life insurance policy – the discounts keep adding up.

Did you know that big insurance companies will offer discounts of up to 40% on your hazard insurance if you also have your car insurance and life insurance with them?

Combining hazard, car and life insurance policies all with one company can save you money.

The big insurance companies are sometimes not competitive on price if you only have one line of insurance with them.

You can save up to 40% by combining your hazard, auto and life insurance policies with one company.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much can you actually save when you combine insurance policies with one company?

It varies by company, but with some of the large insurance companies, it will save you up to 40%.

Q. Why are the large companies sometime so far off when it comes to price on my hazard insurance?

Large companies often give significant discounts if you have your hazard, auto and life insurance with them – and they actually *want* to be higher in price if you only have one line.

People with only one line of insurance switch more often according to the statistics.


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