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Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist

Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist

I am sure you hear many Las Vegas Real Estate Agents calling themselves a Short Sale Specialist.  Short Sales have become very prevalent in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market as many homeowners now owe more than their home is worth.  With the rapid decrease in home values, Las Vegas Real Estate Agents are trying to capitalize on this niche by calling themselves a Short Sale Specialist.  So what makes a real estate agent a short sale specialist?  Is it a few successful short sale transactions or maybe listing a few short sales?

Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Short Sales require a real estate agent that is experienced in marketing the home, obtaining an offer at or near market value, negotiating with the lender or lenders on the sellers behalf, coordinating with other lien holders and at the same time, keeping the buyer’s agent informed so their buyer doesn’t walk away due to the length of the transaction.  Some might say it isn’t necessary to obtain an offer at market value but if you are representing the seller, it is definitely in their best interest to get the highest offer possible.  This could be the difference in the Lender requiring the seller to hold an unsecured note or not.

Knowing the intricacy of the short sale process, Paul Rowe with Team Sena can be definitely called a Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist.  Paul’s entire responsibility is to represent our clients on the sale of their homes even though they owe more on the home than it’s worth.  He explains the entire short sale process and the importance of consulting with an Accountant and/or Real Estate Attorney in regards to the legal and tax implications of a short sale transaction.  He has been handling short sales for Team Sena for over a year now and has had great success.

If you are thinking of selling your Las Vegas Home and you owe more than it is worth, give Paul Rowe with Team Sena a call at 702.376.0088 or complete the contact form to the right.  If you have questions about the short sale process, check out our “Frequently Asked Questions on Short Sales”. Don’t wait till it’s too late, call us today!

About the Author

Tony Sena is broker/owner of Shelter Realty in Las Vegas Nevada. For more than a decade Tony and his partners have provided residential real estate and property management services to sellers, buyers, investors, and property owners in the Las Vegas Valley. A Las Vegas native and former police officer for the City of Henderson, Tony brings to the table a unique local perspective that continues to serve his clients well.