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Is Las Vegas Real Estate Undervalued?

Is Las Vegas Real Estate Undervalued?

After reading the title, I know you are probably thinking, yeah right, but just hear me out for a second. 

Could the Las Vegas Real Estate Market be undervalued?  I think without a doubt the answer to that question is yes.  Below I have listed some key points to why I believe the Las Vegas Real Estate Market is undervalued.

  1. Homes priced below $150K are selling above list price.  (The average median home price in Las Vegas is $141K.  A significant drop from the high in June 2006 of $315K)
  2. Homes that are priced below $150K are receiving multiple offers.
  3. Homes priced below $150K are receiving offers within hours of being placed on the market for sale.
  4. Standing inventory has steadily decreased over the last year even though we are seeing an increase of bank owned properties hitting the market.
  5. 13 Consecutive months Las Vegas home sales have increased compared to the same month from the previous year.  Even though unemployment is over 10%.
  6. There has been an increase in foreign investors purchasing homes in Las Vegas.

These are all signs to me that indicate the Las Vegas Real Estate Market is undervalued.  I know there other so called real estate experts that are predicting the 2nd wave of foreclosures, which could happen but I have been hearing that since mid 2008 and here we are, 13 consecutive months of increased home sales compared to the months from the previous year.  On the flip side to the 2nd wave of foreclosures, the Obama Administration has passed legislation that is helping Las Vegas Homeowners to modify their home loan allowing them to stay in their homes with a more affordable mortgage payment.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen over the next 6 – 18 months but I am confident the Las Vegas Real Estate Market will begin to see home prices stabilizing and standing inventory will still be on the decline.

After reading this and you still don’t think the Las Vegas Real Estate Market is on the road to a recovery, then check out this article by the New York Times indicating that Las Vegas is showings signs of rebounding.