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Investors Ramp Up Activity in Las Vegas Again; Second Highest Increase In Country

Investors Ramp Up Activity in Las Vegas Again; Second Highest Increase In Country

LAS VEGAS, NV – Real estate investors have been ramping up their activity nationwide once again, and one of the areas that has seen the largest increase in single-family home purchases on the part of corporate entities as of late is the Las Vegas Valley.

According to a new report by Redfin, the number of homes purchased by investors in Las Vegas was 2.7 percent higher in the first quarter of 2024 when compared to the fourth quarter of 2023, the second highest increase in the entire country. The only other major city that ranked higher in that regard was Oakland, California, which saw a 2.9 percent jump quarter-over-quarter.

Redfin stated that the current average price of an investor-purchased home in the United States is $464,560, and in the first quarter of 2024 these entities have spent $31.3 billion so far snapping up properties left and right.

Meanwhile, according to MLS data, the number of single-family homes up for sale in the Las Vegas Valley is approximately 4,000, and 17 percent of those – amounting to 697 – are priced at less than $400,000, with the median sale price currently being $435,000, as per Redfin.

With the limited amount of inventory in Vegas at the sub-$400,000 price point, investors are increasing their activity in the Valley to take advantage and get the most value for their money.

Also, the majority of investor purchases – 69 percent – are made up of all-cash transactions, so they are far less impacted by the currently high mortgage loan rates that are impacting the real estate industry, Redfin noted.

The amount of investor activity in Southern Nevada has been compounded by the rising number of hedge funds and institutional investment companies backed by Wall Street that have been purchasing large numbers of single-family homes and turning them into rental properties, resulting in increased scarcity in a market with already low inventory.

The problem, both in Vegas and nationwide, has gotten to the point where several bills are being introduced – both on both federal and state levels – that, if passed, would forbid institutional investors from purchasing additional homes, and potentially even force them to sell off the ones they do have over a set period of time.

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