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Wall Street-Backed Corporate Landlord Purchased 264 Clark County Homes in Single Day, According to New Report

Wall Street

Wall Street-Backed Corporate Landlord Purchased 264 Clark County Homes in Single Day, According to New Report

LAS VEGAS, NV – According to a new report released this week, a Dallas-based corporate landlord backed by Wall Street purchased hundreds of homes in Clark County in a massive sale that took place on a single day in the summer of 2023.

Spread out amongst three separate residential transactions that took place on July 18, a whopping 264 homes in Clark County were purchased by Invitation Homes (NYSE: INVH) from the Miami-based investment firm Starwood Capital Group. The three transactions consisted of $57.5 million for 155 homes, $26.3 million for 70 homes, and $14.1 million for 39 homes, for a grand total of $98 million, as per Clark County property records.

94 of the homes sold were located in the city of Las Vegas, With an additional 77 homes in North Las Vegas. The purchase price for the homes in question ranged from between $292,000 to $694,000, with the average price being $371,514.

While that deal between Starwood Capital and Invitation Homes may seem mind-bogglingly huge, it was merely part of a larger transaction between the two entities that consisted of a $650 million real estate portfolio swap for approximately 1,900 single-family rental homes, most of which are spread out amongst areas in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

The deal is part of an ongoing phenomenon where hedge funds and corporate landlords backed by Wall Street – in addition to affluent investors – have been responsible for a rash of purchases of single-family homes across the country in recent years that they then typically utilize as rental properties. However, experts say this has been contributing to a shortage of affordable housing for families, in addition to being responsible for a rise in rental rates as well.

At this rate, according to a study by MetLife Investment Management, by 2030 approximately 40 percent of all houses in the United States could be owned by Wall Street corporations.

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