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AREA15, Las Vegas-Based Sci-Fi-Themed Retail and Entertainment Complex, Begins Construction on Expansion

Area15's second phase of construction for its 20 acre expansion has begun. (Area15Area15

AREA15, Las Vegas-Based Sci-Fi-Themed Retail and Entertainment Complex, Begins Construction on Expansion

LAS VEGAS, NV – Area 15, a Las Vegas-based 126,000-square-foot science-fiction themed retail and entertainment complex that offers an “immersive” environment for attendees, broke ground on a 20-acre expansion of the facility last week.

Crews began building 36-foot walls that will enclose the expansion, with new attractions slated to include Universal Destinations & Experiences, a year-round horror entertainment experience called Horror Unleashed, indoor skydiving, and a plethora of other attractions that will cater to the ever-changing tastes of the tourists who visit Las Vegas, according to AREA15 Chief Executive Officer Winston Fisher.

Consumers continue to gravitate toward artful new forms of entertainment providing immersive experiences, authentic connections and real emotions,” Fisher said. “The demand continues to grow, and we are ready to dive into this substantial expansion and find more partnerships that will have a lasting impact on the AREA15 District and the City of Las Vegas.”

450,000 square-feet of retail and food and beverage space will be added as well, in addition to multiple building structures ranging from 1,000 to 60,000 square feet, all of which will be available for rent to merchants and businesses.

The completion date for the AREA15 expansion project has not been publicly revealed yet.

AREA15, located on a 40-acre lot in the vicinity of the Las Vegas Strip on the corner of Sirius Avenue and Rancho Drive, originally opened its doors for business in 2018 and has already attracted a reported five million visitors since then. With the name being a playful take on the infamous Area 51 – a secret U.S. Air Force base located in the Nevada desert – AREA15 offers a unique mix of conventions and expos focusing on sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books, in addition to other fanciful events and attractions.

The addition of music performances, corporate events, large-scale art exhibits, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants were originally announced when the venue first opened, and are only now coming to fruition with this new expansion.

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