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Sale of New Homes in Las Vegas Surge During Third Quarter of 2023

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Sale of New Homes in Las Vegas Surge During Third Quarter of 2023

LAS VEGAS, NV – Serving as a testament to how hard-hit Las Vegas new home sales were in the third quarter of 2022 due to rising interest rates on home mortgage loans, sales showed a distinct surge during the third quarter of 2023, serving as a sign that things are improving in the Southern Nevada housing market. 

According to Andrew Smith, President of Las Vegas-based Home Builders Research, the third quarter of 2023 saw 2,383 net sales of new homes – not taking into consideration cancellations – as opposed to the third quarter of 2022, when there were only 1,385 net sales. 

Last year during the third quarter, home sales were slow,” Smith said. “Builders have adjusted their strategies. They have the ability to use in-house financing to offer incentives for new home sales. They can work with buyers on the loans in the way that resales can’t because they own the lending. They also are helped by a lack of resale inventory.” 

Clearly, experts say, developers have adjusted to the higher interest rates that impacted buyers especially hard during that period of time in 2022; while interest rates are still precariously high, both buyers and builders have had time to come to grips with them and adjust accordingly. 

Sales are also being helped by the fact that mortgage rates have been seeing some minute drops as of late, with buyer and builder confidence both being bolstered by the fact that expectations are beginning to build that the Federal Reserve may no longer be raising interest rates to combat inflation going forward. 

In the middle of this week, the interest rate on the average 30-year fixed-rate home mortgage loan dropped to 7.4 percent; while this does provide some degree of relief considering that rate had risen above 8 percent in the middle of October, it’s still the highest it’s been in over 20 years.  

Still, experts are predicting that interest rates will continue to drop and may reach as low as 6 percent by spring; this will represent a vast improvement, despite the fact that rates will still be twice as high as they were in 2021 when mortgage interest rates were at record-breaking lows. 

It is anticipated that if interest rates do indeed reach 6 percent, home sales will surge even more in 2024, both in Las Vegas and nationwide. 

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