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New Study Lists Las Vegas Among Top Five “Dream Cities” in U.S. to Move To

Las Vegas Strip

New Study Lists Las Vegas Among Top Five “Dream Cities” in U.S. to Move To

LAS VEGAS, NV – The results of a new study have indicated that Las Vegas is in the top five “dream cities” in the United States that people moved to in 2022, cementing the fact that Southern Nevada has become a highly desirable location for people to relocate to for a number of reasons, including cost of living and a thriving job market. 

Home Bay, a real estate website, polled 1,000 Americans as to what they would consider to be the ideal city to move to based on several different factors, and Las Vegas was listed as number four out of the top five locales people would be all too happy to uproot themselves in favor of. 

The poll indicated that if money was not a factor, 15 percent of those polled would rather move to Las Vegas than continue residing in their current location. 

The top five “dream cities” that Americans would like to relocate to are as follows:  

  • Los Angeles, CA — 19 percent 
  • Atlanta, GA — 18 percent 
  • Austin, TX — 17 percent 
  • Las Vegas, NV — 15 percent 
  • Miami, FL — 15 percent 

Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Las Vegas, and Miami are still the hottest tickets in the country,” the report states. “This is based on survey data from 1,000 Americans who said they’d move to these cities first if money were no object. Although these are already major metros, they’re all experiencing growth in their populations.” 

Las Vegas has a plethora of reasons for being a “dream city” to relocate to, including an affordable cost of loving, a booming local economy, an exciting downtown, a competitive real estate market, and a thriving job market, with scores of businesses moving to the city in recent years to take advantage of its “business friendly” tax structure. 

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