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Clark County Announces Short-Term Rental Regulation Survey to Gain Residents’ Input

Clark County

Clark County Announces Short-Term Rental Regulation Survey to Gain Residents’ Input

LAS VEGAS, NV – Currently, short-terms rentals such as Airbnb and VRBO are not legal in unincorporated Clark County, but all of that is set to change thanks to the passage of Assembly Bill 363 (AB363) by the Nevada Legislature, and county officials are seeking input from local residents on the regulation once the marketplace is allowed to open for business.

Clark County has launched a public survey regarding short-term rentals to assist officials in crafting ordinances that will serve to regulate the market, which AB363 requires be set in-place by no later than July 1, 2022.

Some of the limits to AB363 that local residents will be able to give their opinions on include minimum distance separation between short-term rentals proximity to resort hotels, limits on the number of occupants and number of permits a person may hold.

Erik Pappa, a Clark County spokesman, said that the survey should help to find compromises that will hopefully alleviate any misgivings that residents may have over short-terms rentals potentially appearing near their homes.

“We have to strike an appropriate balance and we really need the public’s input on what that balance should be,” Pappa said.

Currently, Assembly Bill 363 requires a minimum distance of 500 feet between any two short-term rentals – Las Vegas’ current ordinance requires 660 feet – and could also override a mandate that requires a rental property to be occupied by the homeowner.

“Are those standards appropriate or should we require further distance requirements? Should we limit the number of people that can stay at an Airbnb?” asked Pappa.

Clark County officials are urging residents to take part in the survey, which they say is vital in creating ordnances that can impact the quality of live in the neighborhoods that the majority of these rentals will be situated.

The survey, which takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete, can be accessed at

The survey will ask several different questions of residents, including their opinions of having short-term rentals in their neighborhood, any experiences they have had with such services in the past, and other matters that will be taken into consideration when county officials draw up their mandated ordnances.

The survey will be made available to Clark County residents until the end of January, 2022.

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