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$20 Million Construction Expected to Help Las Vegas Homeless Population

314 Foremaster Lane

$20 Million Construction Expected to Help Las Vegas Homeless Population

LAS VEGAS, NV – The City of Las Vegas recently announced plans to construct a new $20 million resource center starting this summer, with a significant part of the project to include permanent housing for the city’s growing homeless population. 

The project, located in the so-called Corridor of Hope – also known as “homeless corridor” – at 314 Foremaster Lane, will see the old buildings there demolished and new ones erected; the project, from beginning to end, is expected to take approximately 18 months, reports say. The new development that will be constructed at that location has been dubbed the “Courtyard Homeless Resource Center.”

The property has already been home to numerous resources for homeless people since 2017, but the final plans call for several buildings to be built on the site, including an 800-person shelter, a guest services building, laundry services, medical and mental health facilities, and more. Additional space on the property will be able to accommodate an additional 500 people, reports say.

The announcement comes in close timing to the November 2019 roll-out of a new city ordinance that essentially makes it illegal to sleep in public places. People are allowed to sleep on the streets when public shelters are unavailable, but will otherwise be subject to possible arrest and jail time if caught doing so. Full roll-out of the ordinance is expected to take place by February 1, 2020.

The Courtyard Homeless Resource Center will provide numerous services aimed at not only giving homeless people a place to eat, sleep, and clean up, but also instilling them with what they need to get a foothold in civilized society once again and get themselves back on their feet. Amenities such as a mailing address that residents can use on job applications, a place to do laundry, and other various forms of assistance are all geared toward the disenfranchised in Las Vegas.

The Courtyard Homeless Resource Center will be paid for in-part by the Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas Life.

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