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Vacation and Home Rental Scams Targeting Millennials, According to Better Business Bureau


Vacation and Home Rental Scams Targeting Millennials, According to Better Business Bureau

LAS VEGAS, NV – Looking to rent a lavish home in Las Vegas – or elsewhere – for a quick getaway? Well, you’d better think twice about any property that you may currently have your eyes on, lest you get separated from your cash with nothing to show for it. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), many other age groups – but in particular, Millennials – are being targeted by scams in relation to the rental of housing for either living or vacationing purposes.

Scammers typically attempt to lure in unsuspecting renters with promises of low prices, lush and luxurious extras, or top-notch locations – or a combination of all three at once – and renters, especially Millennials, are urged by the BBB to look carefully before they plunk down their dough, and the number of fraudulent listings out there looking to separate people from their hard-earned money number in the millions, according to reports.

According to the BBB, there are a number of tell-tale signs that a listing may be predatory in nature. The main one is if the owner is not available to show a property in-person, typically due to a “family emergency” out of town, for example. More signs include demands for a deposit and the first month’s rent paid in advance – before even setting foot on the property. Those who are easily-duped may find themselves arriving at their dream vacation destination – such as Las Vegas – without anywhere to stay.  

To date, five million people have fallen prey to this scam, the BBB notes, with many people being especially susceptible due to the fact that the prices are usually a bargain renters don’t want to pass up. The average loss comes in at approximately $900, which is hardly a fortune, but still a significant loss for many working-class people.

The BBB recommends that travelers only use credited sites such as HomeAway, AirBnB and VRBO when making rental lodging arrangements – while avoiding websites such as Craigslist – and to vet any properties that they may be interested in to ensure that they in-fact – exist, and that those claiming to be their owners are the real deal. Another tell-tale signs of a scam is when payment is requested up-front via Western Union, Money Gram, a gift card, or a bank-to-bank wire transfer.

There’s countless scammers out there looking to separate you from your money; if you’re careful, you can avoid them.

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