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Innovative “Box Home” Manufacturer Looking to Set Up Shop in Las Vegas; Raising $30 Million to Establish First Factory

Innovative “Box Home” Manufacturer Looking to Set Up Shop in Las Vegas; Raising $30 Million to Establish First Factory

LAS VEGAS – Boxabl, an innovative new company that develops what they refer to as a “universal building box” – a fully customizable building system they claim allows for “true mass production” of buildings – is looking for the perfect location to set up their first facility, and they currently have their eyes set squarely on Las Vegas as their main candidate.

Boxabl notes that the company developed boxes can be mass produced in a factory; these boxes are essentially pre-made rectangular rooms that can be shipped flat – only 8.5 feet wide – to a building construction site, “unfolded,” and then incorporated into the structure, allowing for higher quality buildings at lower prices. The universal Boxabl box is a 20’x40’x9.5′ room that can be stacked, combined, modified, sub divided and finished to create almost any style of building at a fraction of the cost of a regular build, according to Boxabl.

If these boxes work according to plan, experts say, they could reduce average construction times by months and building costs by thousands, which would result in lower-cost homes and buildings by as much as 30 percent or more. The boxes – made from laminated expanded foam and cement board – would only be sold directly to construction companies and developers – not individuals, according to reports, as the average individual would not possess the know-how or support to properly utilize the system. The box construction and materials, Boxabl notes, make the rooms fire-resistant, impact-resistant, and weather-resistant.

Boxabl was founded in 2017, and was heavily noticed at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas after they showed off a box prototype. Currently, the company is in the process of raising $30 million to establish their first factory, which they want to set up in North Las Vegas, an epicenter of business and industrial development in recent years. If successful, the Boxabl factory would be located on a plot of land at least 40 to 50 acres in size, with their innovative boxes eventually becoming one of the largest and most-well-known products produced in Southern Nevada.

Time will tell, however, if Boxabl’s boxes gain the traction the company hopes for; if they do, the construction industry could be revolutionized.

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