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New $75 Million State-of-the-Art Movie Theater to Open in North Las Vegas; Scheduled Opening on Friday, January 18

New $75 Million State-of-the-Art Movie Theater to Open in North Las Vegas; Scheduled Opening on Friday, January 18

LAS VEGAS, NV – Downtown North Las Vegas, parts of which are still considered ‘depressed’ despite the economic boom taking place throughout the Southern Nevada region, is nonetheless experiencing a degree of growth in recent months that seems to be putting it on a course to intercept the reset of Las Vegas in due time. And one manner in which that growth is taking place is in the form of a new multi-million dollar entertainment complex that is sure to put the area on the map.

Maya Cinemas will be opening a new $75 million, 14-screen movie theater in front of the Silver Nugget Casino, an area of North Las Vegas that is considered economically depressed but that experts say is on the verge of a growth spurt, given the need for real estate in the area to satisfy the many new inhabitants that moving there. The opening of a new, state-of-the-art movie theater in the area, according to Maya Cinemas, is sure to serve as a catalyst for continued development in the under-served community, attracting more businesses and residents as its profile continues to improve.

In addition, local businesses are hoping that such an investment in their community will improve their fortunes as well, considering the increased foot traffic that a high-profile entertainment complex is sure to bring. Also, local residents, according to reports, are excited about finally getting a high-tech movie theater right in the heart of their very own neighborhood.

The theater, slated to open in late January of 2019, will feature luxury reclining leather seats situated in large-scale stadium seating, booming Dolby surround sound set-ups, a large arcade stocked with all the latest and greatest video games, snack counters stocked with a plethora of treats, and a cantina where grown-ups can unwind after taking in the latest blockbuster.

Maya Cinemas ownership noted that the impending opening of their theater in North Las Vegas has already attracted other merchants to the community; four restaurants and eleven retail establishments are already in the works in the immediate vicinity of the theater, all of which were drawn by the promise of new economic growth and development in the area, officials said.

Maya Cinemas is scheduled to open in North Las Vegas on Friday, January 18.

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