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Lake Las Vegas Becoming Newest Hotspot for Real Estate Sales in Southern Nevada

Lake Las Vegas Becoming Newest Hotspot for Real Estate Sales in Southern Nevada

LAS VEGAS, NV – After a series of construction projects throughout 2018 aimed at increasing its appeal, Lake Las Vegas has emerged at year-end as a place for people to call a full-time home, finally shedding its reputation as merely a weekend retreat for those able to afford a second home ‘away from home’.

Initially, after the Southern Nevada region began to recover from the mid-2000’s burst of the housing bubble, Lake Las Vegas was one of the slowest Master Planned Communities to show any sign of a rebound; as of 2014, developers shied away from constructing homes there initially, but as time went by and more and more demand for housing began to grip the area, builders began to give Lake Las Vegas a second look. Currently, there are now ten communities within Lake Las Vegas that have homes on the market, ranging from moderately-priced dwellings to luxury custom lots. In addition, there are even plans in the works to construct a 55+ community, slated to potentially open by the end of 2019.

Clearly, developers have turned around when it comes to what Lake Las Vegas has to offer the Southern Nevada real estate market; the 3,600-acre development – complete with a 320-acre, man-made lake – is in the midst of a construction boom, and a lot of that new success is due to efforts by owner John Paulson to change Lake Las Vegas from a vacation spot to a legitimate community where families and individuals would live year-round.

Part of the plan to rehab Lake Las Vegas’ image is to make it more family-inclusive were the development of numerous amenities that would illustrate the community as more than just a weekend resort town, and developing homes that catered to a variety of different income levels in order to make it more inclusive and attractive to buyers. As a result, more and more buyers are seeing Lake Las Vegas as a place for their primary residence as opposed to simply a getaway.

Another large factor that has opened up Lake Las Vegas to serious home buyers is the linking of U.S. Highway 95 to an extension of East Galleria Drive, opening up an easier, more direct access to retail shopping and entertainment options for residents. In addition, the construction and opening of Stevens Elementary School along that route has also proven to be an allure for families with children. The addition of new businesses such as a supermarket and sports club have also helped to draw new buyers in.

Indeed, things at Lake Las Vegas as 2018 comes to a close have taken a 180 degree turn over the previous year; whereas the region was formerly seen as a weekend retreat for wealthy individuals, Lake Las Vegas is now a permanent home to more and more people than ever before. In fact, many individuals are purchasing homes there and turning to areas such as Utah and Idaho for second home options. And as more development continues as Lake Las Vegas, its reputation is expected to continue to draw in buyers looking to make it their primary residence.

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