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Second Phase Approval Set for Las Vegas Convention Center Construction

Second Phase Approval Set for Las Vegas Convention Center Construction

LAS VEGAS, NV – The expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center – an ongoing project that is estimated to carry final costs upwards of $1.4 billion – continued last week when the Las Vegas Convention Center District Committee recommended the approval of a contract for builder representative to take charge of the final phase of work, with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) board of directors set to vote on the matter on November 13.

Cordell Corp. is slated to oversee the final phase of the expansion and renovation of the Las Vegas Convention Center, a project that will take the form of a three-story building with the first floor encompassing exhibition halls, a main lobby, a food court, kitchen, office space, and storage; the remaining two floors will house meeting and conference rooms, support spaces, and roof-based 25,000-square-foot outdoor terrace that can host a number of different events. The expansion is slated to add 1.44 million square feet of space to the convention center.

Cordell’s bid for the work is the form of a $13.5 million contract that the LVCVA is expected to approve.

The ongoing labor has seen the relocation of power lines to better serve the needs of the venue, and the excavation of the previous parking lot area in order to produce a suitable space for the construction of an adequate foundation for the building, consisting of columns of concrete reinforced with rebar. Two smaller buildings – a visitor center and restrooms – were demolished to make way for the project, and the Paradise Road pedestrian bridge adjacent to the property will be connected to the new building once construction is complete.

Project officials currently contend that construction is on-schedule for completion by January 2021, with the hopes that the new exhibition hall will have the ability to host that year’s International Consumer Electronics Show.

The expansion was started, according to LVCVA officials, due to the fact that the existing Convention Center has simply outgrown its current configuration, inhibiting its ability to evolve and grow. The new construction and renovation to the property is expected to allow the facility to better host the many trade shows, conventions, and special events that take place in Las Vegas on a regular basis. With the growing economy and job market in the region over recent years, there’s more of a need than ever to accommodate the influx of new businesses and organizations which need a venue for their events.

Once the new building is completed, work will shift over to the Convention Center’s four pre-existing exhibition halls, with a two-year large-scale renovation plan slated to enhance and improve every aspect of these facilities. Expected additions are food carts, restaurant and bar facilities, retail sales, and live entertainment venues.

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