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City Seeking Permission for 24/7 Construction on Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion

City Seeking Permission for 24/7 Construction on Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has filed a rezoning request and noise ordinance waiver with the Clark County Board of County Commissioners as part of their plan to accelerate progress on the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion, a project that officials say is vital as the current facility is at maximum capacity.

If the Convention and Visitors Authority have their way, construction on the $1.4 billion project would be carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This would include from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., a period of time during which work is usually not allowed due to the impact of noise upon the local populace.

The expansion is slated to add 1.44 million square feet of space to the convention center, which will be built upon the adjacent property of the former Riviera and Landmark hotels. As of now, the project is expected to be finished by the close of 2020, with the goal being to host the 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event scheduled to take place in January of 2021.

In its current form, Convention and Visitors Authority members stated, the convention center is unable to grow and evolve to better serve the may trade shows, conventions, and special events that take place in Las Vegas on a regular basis. Given the increased growth in the local economy and job market in the last few years, more and more exhibitors are seeking out the city to hold events, and due to that fact, the convention center desperately needs to expand in order to meet the ongoing demand.

The expanded facilities of the convention center will take the form of a three-story building with the first floor encompassing exhibition halls, a main lobby, a food court, kitchen, office space, and storage; the remaining two floors will house meeting and conference rooms, support spaces, and roof-based 25,000-square-foot outdoor terrace that can host a number of different events, a feature that members of the Convention and Visitors Authority are reportedly quite excited about.

The expansion is also subject to a Federal Aviation Administration review to ensure that its proposed height does not interfere with air traffic in and out of McCarran International Airport. Other uses for the expanded convention center are to include food carts, restaurant and bar facilities, and retail sales, as well as live entertainment, among other uses.

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