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Las Vegas Real Estate Scene So Busy, Buyers Submitting Offers Without Ever Seeing Properties in Person

Las Vegas Real Estate Scene So Busy, Buyers Submitting Offers Without Ever Seeing Properties in Person

LAS VEGAS, NV – If you’re at all familiar with the real estate scene in Las Vegas, you’ve probably well aware of the fact that demand is currently well outstripping the number of properties available on the open market, with prospective buyers clawing like a drowning man at a straw in the ocean to get in a bid whenever a new home or condo becomes available. It’s becoming a very real problem in Southern Nevada, and sellers and buyers alike are finding new ways to even the odds as much as possible- the increased use of social media in real estate to communicate and inform on all aspects of housing sales, giving web-savvy individuals a leg up whenever a new abode is for sale in their neck of the woods.

Oftentimes, in a fast-packed market such as Las Vegas, once an ad for a property sees print it may already have been snatched up, depending on when the publication it’s appearing in has been purchased or delivered to you. But when you go digital, those same listings are available universally at the same time; while this doesn’t give you a leg up on the competition, it certainly levels the playing field and gives you a better chance of getting in on the action before the listing is inundated with offers, as the situation in Vegas is getting so bad that some buyers are actually submitting offers without ever having actually seen the properties in question, believe it or not.

Following Las Vegas real estate on social media is beneficial for all parties involved; it enables sellers to immediately inform prospective buyers about any new dwellings that may be available, and for buyers, it is especially vital to be following real estate brokers if they have a social media presence as, according to statistics, more and more buyers – nearly 50 percent, by last count – are doing their house searching via the internet alone, forgoing print altogether. After all, social media has permeated the lives of the majority of the people in the world today, so it only makes sense for both sellers and buyers alike to take advantage of this widespread aspect of daily life when it comes to real estate…especially in a cutthroat town like Vegas when the pickings are slim and the demand is rabid.

While looking for a home can be a difficult process, social media can help a potential homeowner cut to the chase and find a property that fits their exact needs. By utilising search methods including hashtags and keywords, social media users can find a region-specific broker or agency that fits with their vision and – once following them – they will be informed of any new developments in terms of inventory or offerings as soon as they are made available; to that end, we recommend that you have the latest, most up-to-date versions of whatever social media apps you utilise and make sure you have your notifications set to inform you of any new posts by whatever real estate accounts you’re following…you never know when that buzzing in your pocket may turn out to be the precursor  to a brand-new home.

Las Vegas is becoming a tough town to find a new property in, and buyers need every advantage they can get- social media can be the key to finally finding the home of your dreams. If you are considering relocating in or around the Las Vegas area give us a call at 702.376.7379 so we can answer any questions you may have.