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Noted Developer J Dapper Remodeling Downtown Las Vegas’ Huntridge Center

Noted Developer J Dapper Remodeling Downtown Las Vegas’ Huntridge Center

LAS VEGAS, NV – Huntridge Shopping Center, located in downtown Las Vegas at 1116 E. Charleston Boulevard, has a reputation for being on the “wrong side of the tracks,” so to speak. However, J Dapper, the owner of Dapper Companies, is about to change all that with an extensive remodeling of the property which has local residents strongly voicing their support.

In 2016, Dapper purchased the 62,000-square-foot center from owner Paul Kellogg – who also runs the Huntridge Tavern on the property – for $5.2 million, and has since been planning a massive face-lift to the property that has only recently begun to take shape. With the planning stage complete, Dapper has recently been wooing several high-profile retail, dining, and entertainment entities to set up shop in the center in order to complete his vision of a fancy, high-end, and artistic addition to downtown Vegas.

Dapper is no stranger to the historic Huntridge neighborhood of Downtown Las Vegas; to date, they have invested at least $10 million in three commercial real estate properties in the vicinity of Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway, including the $2 million renovation of the Gamblers Book Shop, which Dapper as referred to as a “passion project.”

As for the Huntridge Shopping Center, Dapper has said that he’s approaching the impending remodeling with a flair for the dramatic; seeking to bring out and highlight the property’s mid-century design aspects with a modern twist and a family-friendly atmosphere, including a large, $375,000 neon sign in the Googie style, which is a retro-futuristic aesthetic that was popular in the 1940’s through the 1960’s. The eye-catching style, which emphasized up-swept roofs, curvaceous, geometric shapes, and bold use of glass, steel and neon, was embraced by Vegas of years past, but has been largely abandoned in recent decades.

New tenants to the Huntridge Center, which are expected to help revitalize the property and attract traffic, include several eateries such as an Asian-themed restaurant, a Wingstop chicken franchise, and an establishment by Restaurateur Harwell. In addition, several original tenants remained after the sale, including a pharmacy and barber shop; both have been relocated to other areas of the center in an effort to re-shuffle tenants to make room for new additions, and both are in the process of being remodeled as well. Other business holdovers also include the aforementioned Huntridge Tavern and a thrift store.

Dapper also purchased other properties adjacent to the Huntridge property, including a former drum shop, a residential fourplex, and an empty commercial building; some of these buildings will be incorporated into retail aspect of the shopping center, while the fourplex is in the process of being torn down to make room for additional parking.

Another process Dapper has used in attempts to drum up new interest in the Huntridge Center is the addition of Food Truck Fridays, which involves a number of vendors on wheels who visit the property on certain Friday afternoons to peddle their tasty wares, including Blue Mahoe BBQ, Bulldog is Unleashed and Dazzling Bistro.

The Huntridge Shopping Center remodeling and revitalization efforts are expected to be complete in early-to-mid 2018.

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