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Freeway Construction Work Accelerated to Accommodate Increased Las Vegas Real Estate Development

Freeway Construction Work Accelerated to Accommodate Increased Las Vegas Real Estate Development

LAS VEGAS, NV – With the increased real estate construction in Las Vegas to keep up with ever-growing housing demand going into 2018 comes an issue that only goes hand-in-hand with such activity – increased emphasis on infrastructure development to ensure the populace can effectively get to the new towns, stores, and city centers that are being built.

2017 saw multiple road and freeway construction projects get underway in order to allow the free flow of traffic into new areas of Southern Nevada that are currently in the works by numerous developers since the recent housing boom, as well as to accommodate a growing population that is relocating to the region to take advantage of a blossoming job market. One of the most significant and newest of these projects looks to potentially open up North Las Vegas as a major destination for new business and investment activity once complete.

Starting this month will be the beginning of a massive $57.8 million freeway endeavor that will improve the commute from to the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas; this is part of a North Las Vegas city initiative to attract companies to the region, which are currently somewhat vacant. The U.S. Highway 93 interchange with Interstate 15 – which has remained relatively untouched by construction ever since it first opened in 1963 – will be rebuilt, with  additional plans calling for a widening of the 5-mile section of U.S. Highway 93 leading to Apex Power Parkway, from its current incarnation of two lanes to four.

The work will ensure that the resultant new roadway will contain the flexibility to support future plans to increase Interstate 15 to six lanes when the need arises; the stated goal is to increase both safety and for motorists – sections of the current parkway are considered substandard and are open to possible flooding during heavy rainfall – as well as enhancing their mobility by opening up Apex as a potential major industrial park for businesses to set up shop.

The project, funded in large part via a Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grant from the Federal Highway Administration – acquired by the efforts of the Nevada Department of Transportation, and with development work to be carried out by Ames Construction – will also involve creating advanced traffic intersections for Apex Great Basin Way, Apex Power Parkway and Grand Valley Parkway and new access points for Apex Industrial Park along a re-built and improved frontage road; in addition, another frontage road will run alongside U.S. Highway 93, with construction allowing the ability to add traffic signals to the road at a future date where it intersects with Apex Great Basin Way.

The work is expected to be completed by the close of 2018, and officials from the City of North Las Vegas are hoping that it opens up their neck of the woods to both in and out-of-state investors, as well as big companies looking for a business-friendly climate to set up shop.

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