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Generation X: Las Vegas Officials Look to New Building Developments to Attract Millennials

Generation X: Las Vegas Officials Look to New Building Developments to Attract Millennials

LAS VEGAS, NV – With the local economy on the rise and new businesses are arriving in the area, Las Vegas is on the verge of its greatest all-time comebacks. But the famous city and its surrounding areas are still struggling in one area- attracting the next generation of young business leaders and workers, and to that end, local officials are eyeing several different projects they hope will appeal to Millennials, a relatively unique section of society with different motivations for success than most.

Millennials are the demographic cohort following Generation X; those born in the early 1980s throughout the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and they are typically known for their savvy with technology and social media and a high degree of ambivalence about material success, preferring a more stable work-life balance and a fulfilling social life as opposed to grinding away for hours behind a desk. As such, Las Vegas is seen by many as the city of excesses; it would only be natural that this would not be the average Millennials’ first choice to live. However – owing in part to their love of posting exciting activities on social media platforms such as Instagram – Southern Nevada developers are starting to invest in amenities they hope will draw in this coveted generation, including a zip line across the Las Vegas strip from Caesars Palace and an e-sports arena at the Luxor, both currently under development and slated for use in 2018.

In addition, a construction project at a Lake Mead National Recreation Area campground is set soon, which will result in approximately $3 million in improvements to the popular Boulder Beach Campground, including restorations and repairs to at least 73 campsites, roads, and sanitation and potable water refill stations. In addition, structures to provide shade during hot summer months will be added as well, providing an environment sure to attract Millennials, many of whom are big fans of outdoor activities when on free time.

Additionally, sporting events are always a great way to attract the younger generation, and in addition to the much-publicized start of construction on the incoming Las Vegas Raiders NFL team’s eponymous stadium, due to open in 2020, local officials recently gave the green light to another sporting complex- the Las Vegas Ballpark, set to be built in Downtown Summerlin. The proposed 10,000-seat baseball stadium will be the new home of Las Vegas 51s Triple-A minor league baseball team, with the initial groundbreaking set to be held in early 2018. The developers have laid out what they refer to as an “aggressive” development schedule, and anticipate the stadium being open in time for the 2019 season. Again, offering more in the way of exciting entertainment options for residents is seen by officials as a way to attract younger people to Nevada, something access to quality sporting entertainment often results in.

A region with a rapidly growing economy and a very competitive real estate and job market needs young people to fill their ranks more than anything, and recent developments in Las Vegas have made it clear that businesses and officials are doing what they can to entice Millennials to take a chance on all that Las Vegas has to offer.

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