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Which Drywall Finish To Use? – 586 Lairmont Place Henderson Nevada

Which Drywall Finish To Use? – 586 Lairmont Place Henderson Nevada

During the remodel phase of our luxury investment home at 586 Lairmont Place, Henderson NV in MacDonald Highlands community, a decision will be needed in regards to the level of drywall finishing. 

The 5 levels of drywall are:

  • Drywall is hung
  • Tape covered with mud
  • Screws covered with thin coat of mud
  • Cover screws again with mud, sand surface
  • Small skim coat, sand and prime
  • Skim entire surface, sand and prime, laser level

The average production home with course texture will use a level 3 or 4 finish.  For our 11,700 sqft luxury home, we chose to use a level 5 smooth finish because the type of buyer for this home will expect the best.

Obviously, the price goes up as your finish level goes up due to the high level of preparation. Level 5 requires the installer to level every surface with a laser to insure there are no imperfections.  Some areas of exception are behind cabinets and walls that tile will be applied. The highest level of attention will be large walls and especially the ceilings as the light reflects and rakes across highlighting any imperfections which are very evident to the eye.

Every project is different and requires a finish to best suit the look and budget of the home remodel. We have chosen level 5 finish because our project calls for it.