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Rehabbing Grunt Work at 586 Lairmont Place, Henderson, NV 89012

Rehabbing Grunt Work at 586 Lairmont Place, Henderson, NV 89012

I had to post this video of the tough work one of our sub-contractors had to go through on this project. The more we looked at the exterior of this home, we hated it. MacDonald Highlands located in Henderson Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas likes to encourage the use of stone on home exteriors but this one looked as if someone just threw some tile on the sides of the house just to make the HOA happy, but the tile choice and placement was terrible and actually detracted from the appearance of the home. We bit the bullet and ordered the tile removed so we could stucco and repaint the entire exterior.

Trade persons work very hard but this work went above and beyond. Imagine running a 15 Lb power chisel above your shoulders on a vertical wall for 6 hours a day over two weeks. I know this home will look so much better once the exterior is changed but wow, what a job. Cutting the checks to pay for it is no fun either, and we sure would have preferred not to do it, but tough choices are the norm on a rehab.

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Paul Rowe is a real estate investor and REALTOR® with Shelter Realty Inc. He can be reached at (702) 376-7379. With hundreds of short sales negotiated successfully over the past 12 years, Paul works exclusively with distressed property owners and potential foreclosure and short sale victims in Southern Nevada who owe more on their mortgage than their property will appraise for.