Las Vegas Short Sales: Upcoming Changes for Those Who Want to Purchase After Doing a Short Sale

Beginning August 16 2014. those who want to utilize aconventional loan to purchase a new home after previously selling a home on a short sale will face a longer eligibility period.  At present, buyers who sold their previous home as a short sale can purchase again after two years if they are putting down 20%. After August 16 the waiting period moves to four years when using conventional financing.

Fortunately, buyers can still purchase with FHA financing after 3 years.  This is the current guideline for FHA and no changes on the three years appear forthcoming.

Buyers who are looking to purchase quicker than three years after a short sale may have some options open to them utilizing credit repair companies but be careful who you use and try to only work with a company who has a track record. They must show you a successful track record and if they aren’t successful, offers you some reimbursement in the event they can’t deliver.

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