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Why You Should Consider 1031 Exchanges for Your Las Vegas Business Use or Investment Properties

Why You Should Consider 1031 Exchanges for Your Las Vegas Business Use or Investment Properties

National home values have risen and your investment properties probably gained values too. The Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 gives investors the ability to defer capital gain tax when you exchange business-use or investment property for another business-use or investment property.

There are many ways of exchange. For example, sell a vacation rental home in Hawaii and buy three investment properties in Las Vegas to generate more stable and higher income, sell an old apartment building which always needs repairs and buy a Triple Net Leased commercial property, sell a farm land in California and buy a hotel-condo in Florida. It can be exchanged for personal properties too.

Flipped properties don’t qualify, but if a property listed for rent for a few months without finding a tenant then changed it for sale, can qualify, as well as vacant land which didn’t generate any income. (Per Certified Exchange Specialist, Carmine at First American Exchange)

There are two deadlines for successful 1031 Exchange;

  1. Replacement properties must be identified within 45 day.
  2. The exchange must be completed by the earlier of 180 days from the date of the first relinquished property closing.

For fully deferred exchange, replacement properties must be greater or equal value of the relinquished properties, and all proceeds from the sale of the relinquished properties must be reinvested.

It’s important to select a Qualified Intermediary with financial backing of $1,000,000 Fidelity Bond and $250,000 Errors & Omissions Bond. Nevada is one of nine states which enacted the QI law.

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If you’re thinking to utilize the 1031 Exchange, please feel free to contact me at (702) 461-5694 or atsuko @ Atsuko Winston, Licensed in Hawaii and Nevada, Realtor / Property Manager.