Shelter Realty Closes a Short Sale Listing in Turnberry Towers

Shelter Realty’s short sale division successfully closed a listing in the high-end condo development, Turnberry Towers located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We negotiated a full liability release on the sellers’ mortgage obligation. Sellers who may be stuck upside down in these condo projects should be heartened to know that there may be alternatives to foreclosure.

Buyers who may be interested in taking advantage of the incredibly low prices in the Las Vegas condo market need to take a look at short sales. In this case, the short sale we negotiated was below current market value, providing a fantastic buying opportunity.

If you have questions about a short sale in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the southwest, please contact us through this website or call us directly at 702-376-7379.

Paul Rowe manages the short sale division at Shelter Realty in Henderson, Nevada.