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Some of the Easier Banks to Work with on a Las Vegas Short Sale

Some of the Easier Banks to Work with on a Las Vegas Short Sale

Some of the easier banks to work with on a Las Vegas short sale: Aurora, Nationstar, Wells Fargo, GMAC, Wilshire, HSBC, OCWEN, Specialized Loan Servicing

If you have mortgages with one of the above institutions and believe that you may qualify to do a short sale of your Las Vegas Home; then help may be easier than you think. The number one threat to successfully selling your home via a short sale (assuming you have a legitimate hardship and need to sell for less than you owe your bank) is the name of the bank on your mortgage statement.

I’ve found the above institutions understand the value of approving a short sale in an upside-down market such as Las Vegas is currently experiencing. The alternative is foreclosure, period. Foreclosed homes usually net less for the banks, so not approving the short sale is simply illogical. Lenders can get the homes off their books without ever having to take possession of the home—less liability, lower exposure to loss.

Banks that can make a decision on approving a short sale inside of 6 weeks will give those sellers a far better chance to complete a short sale as the end buyer will not get impatient and bail on the deal.

Sellers who can no longer make their mortgage or who will soon arrive at that point, give us a call to see if your lending institution has a reputation for really working with borrowers.  We can be reached at 702.376.0088 or you can complete the form to the right.  You can also read our most Frequently Asked Short Sale Questions.