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Day: July 16, 2019

What Is One of the Most Profitable Businesses on the Vegas Strip? Drug Stores, Believe it or Not

LAS VEGAS, NV – The famed Las Vegas Boulevard is known world-wide for its massive, brightly-lit structures, ranging from hotels to casinos to resorts of all types. But if you were to ask the experts to name off some of the most profitable endeavors located on that famed street, the one you might expect to hear the least is “drug store.”

National drug store chains CVS and Walgreens have pulled in huge profits on the Las Vegas Strip, thanks to the massive amount of tourist foot traffic that dominates the sidewalks on a daily basis. These tourists will, more often than not, find themselves in constant need of some random item – beverages, toothpaste, snacks, medical supplies, socks, and a plethora of other everyday items – and it should be no shock that these are items that can be found in abundance at any CVS or Walgreens store.

National drug store chains CVS and Walgreens pull in huge profits on the Las Vegas Strip, thanks to the massive amount of tourist foot traffic dominating sidewalks. Photo credit: Google Maps, Adal R S, Local Guide.

The shocking amount of money that these stores pull in on a daily basis on the Strip is the reason that local landlords are lining up to welcome them into their vacant retail space, as well as the reason the parent companies of CVS or Walgreens are willing to pay millions of dollars in rent for premium placement on the busiest street in all of Nevada, if not the country.

The amount of money in play when it comes to these businesses is staggering. According to reports, Walgreen Company recently purchased its current building adjacent to the Showcase Mall from their (now) previous landlord for the amount of $30 million; obviously, this large investment was something that the company was very confident in, as there are few other locations for a drug store in the country that would fetch such a price.

When it comes to why these stores are so successful on Las Vegas Boulevard, the answer is quite simple; in any travel destination where tourists are heavily congested in a single area, people are bound to need a variety of simple everyday items that they most likely have forgotten to bring with them and establishments such as CVS or Walgreens would have those items on hand in large quantity. It’s easy to dart in while walking the Strip, get what you need – liquor is an especially popular seller – and get back to the action, which is why drug stores are pulling in so much money, and paying through the nose for the privilege to do so.

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