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Month: January 2019

Las Vegas Centennial Bowl Interchange Begins Next Phase of Construction

LAS VEGAS, NV – Ground was recently broken on the next phase of construction of the Centennial Bowl interchange, the project spearheaded by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) aimed at making traffic smoother and safer in the northwest Las Vegas region.

This newest phase of the Centennial Bowl interchange project – located where the 215 Beltway intersects with U.S. Highway 95 – is budgeted at $73 million, with officials noting that upon completion, it will enhance the safety of motorists as well as the overall flow of traffic in the area while creating an easier and more direct conduit for the Centennial area of Las Vegas. 

At the moment, well over 100,000 vehicles a day traverse this section of the highway, and with that number expected to increase as the population of Southern Nevada continues to grow in light of the booming economy, job, and real estate market as of late; reports peg the traffic levels rising as high as 160,000 vehicles a day in just a few years, if not more.

The general contractor of the project has been announced as Las Vegas Paving, who was awarded a $61.5 million contract for the construction. 

Construction will yield three new connections in the form of freeway flyover ramps- northbound U.S. Highway 95 to 215 Beltway westbound, southbound U.S. Highway 95 to eastbound 215 Beltway, and eastbound 215 Beltway to U.S. Highway 95 southbound. Flyover ramps allow ongoing traffic to maintain their currently level of speed and acceleration while offering direct connections from one freeway to another, as opposed to standard entrance ramps that often present bottlenecks for incoming vehicles looking to merge. The Centennial Bowl interchange will, ultimately, offer more efficiency and safer conditions while maintaining speed rates for motorists by doing away with the right-of-way and stop-and-go nature of the current freeway layout.  

The main bridge that will make up the central structure of the project will be the second-longest in Nevada, measuring 2,635 feet long, 75 feet tall, and 39 feet wide.

In addition to the new flyover lanes, other work will be undertaken upon the surrounding area in the form of drainage updates to reduce the risk of flooding during inclement weather as well as enhanced lighting to increase safety and visibility, improved landscaping for aesthetic purposes (as well as to ensure that local foliage doesn’t impede the view of motorists), and the implementation of new technology-based traffic management and surveillance systems.

The Centennial Bowl interchange is expected to offer up to 150 new opportunities for employment during the main phase of construction, the costs of which are being covered through a combination of state ($54 million) and federal ($19 million) funding.  This phase of the Centennial Bowl interchange construction is expected to be completed in mid-2021.

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Las Vegas Developer Tearing Down Campus Village Complex for Mixed-Use Project

LAS VEGAS, NV – Campus Village, located at 4440 South Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, is a two-story complex consisting of space for retail establishments and professional office complexes. It’s been occupying its space for decades – it was originally built in 1978 – and due to the efforts of a prominent local developer, it will be soon demolished to make way for a new mixed-use project that is looking to tap into the recent real estate boom experienced as of late in the Southern Nevada region.

Situated directly across from the University of Las Vegas campus, workers employed by G2 Capital Development began demolition last week on Campus Village, with owners of the company estimating that the property will be completely razed and ready for re-purposing within a week or 10 days. G2 purchased Campus Village in 2017 for almost $5.5 million; the deal also included a separate building featuring retail space next door as well.

G2 Capital Development noted that demolishing the building and starting over from scratch is a necessary step due to numerous issues that Campus Village faced; due to its below-ground construction and open-air set-up, the property was often the victim of flooding during storms. Occupations by Las Vegas’ homeless community and drug dealers, as well as ongoing issues of vandalism, have also been a growing problem, G2 noted.

The demolition of Campus Village, G2 said will make way for a new complex that will feature numerous buildings constructed upon the site, some reaching as high as 20 stories; the new structures are slated to consist of spaces serving a variety of uses, from hotel rooms to office space, apartments and possibly even space utilized by the neighboring University of Las Vegas administration.

Project plans are expected to be filed with Clark County officials within the next few months as to the exact specification of the project, which is tentatively anticipated to break ground and begin construction by the end of 2019 or possibly the beginning of 2020. The estimated time from start to finish is approximately 20 months, G2 said. Part of the construction is expected to involve the neighboring retail-centric building at 1220 East Harmon Avenue, which is expected to also be demolished soon and whose property is expected to be incorporated into the overall mixed-use project G2 is working on.

Completion of the project, and the new retail and business tenants that the new complex is expected to attract, are to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the area, which has until now been seen as impoverished by some, according to reports.

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Las Vegas Raiders Hold Groundbreaking on New Henderson Headquarters

LAS VEGAS, NV – The news that the famed Oakland Raiders National Football League (NFL) team would be picking up their cleats and transplanting themselves to Las Vegas rocked the sports and business world. And to coincide with their arrival in Sin City – anticipated to be in time for the start of the 2020 season – work upon their new $2 billion, 65,000-seat stadium located on a 63-acre plot of land situated between Russell Road and Hacienda Avenue began in November of 2018, generating big headlines across the nation. And since the beginning of construction, work has progressed at a steady and rapid pace, with estimates putting the completion of the project on-time and within budget.

Lost among all the hoopla of the stadium, however, is another Raiders-related construction announcement this week; one perhaps not as flashy but certainly equally as important when it comes to running the sports dynasty once it arrives in its new Las Vegas home. On January 14, ground was broken on the construction of the Raiders’ new headquarters, a cutting-edge facility located in Henderson to be built upon 55 acres of vacant land adjacent to the Executive Airport. 

The headquarters will offer 323,000 square feet consisting of advanced training and workout facilities – including three practice areas outside as well as an indoor football field as well – in addition to numerous corporate offices to house the team’s management, executives, and other personnel.

The area in Henderson surrounding the future Raiders headquarters is, according to reports, in the middle of a resurgence of development, with numerous construction projects branching out and taking shape as the region continues to benefit from the booming Vegas economy and real estate market that is attracting businesses far and wide. Rounders Grilling & Gaming, a tavern franchise offering bar food, drink specials and gaming options in a “no-nonsense setup” is in the process of creating a new location adjacent to Raiders’ headquarters, with a target date of September of this year set for their official Grand Opening; the hook for customers, they say, will be a place for Raiders fans to be able to easily and comfortably watch their new hometown team play. 

The hope, of course, is for these new businesses to latch onto the increased traffic that is sure to be attracted to the area by the arrival of both the legendary sports team’s new HQ and Raiders Stadium; this is expected to create a ripple effect that will be felt throughout many of Las Vegas’ many industries, including real estate, the job market, and the amount of tourism to the area. In fact, not only will the stadium be the new home of the Raiders, but also the University of Nevada’s football team as well, attracting professional and colligate football fans of all ages.

Indeed, 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Las Vegas.

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New $75 Million State-of-the-Art Movie Theater to Open in North Las Vegas; Scheduled Opening on Friday, January 18

LAS VEGAS, NV – Downtown North Las Vegas, parts of which are still considered ‘depressed’ despite the economic boom taking place throughout the Southern Nevada region, is nonetheless experiencing a degree of growth in recent months that seems to be putting it on a course to intercept the reset of Las Vegas in due time. And one manner in which that growth is taking place is in the form of a new multi-million dollar entertainment complex that is sure to put the area on the map.

Maya Cinemas will be opening a new $75 million, 14-screen movie theater in front of the Silver Nugget Casino, an area of North Las Vegas that is considered economically depressed but that experts say is on the verge of a growth spurt, given the need for real estate in the area to satisfy the many new inhabitants that moving there. The opening of a new, state-of-the-art movie theater in the area, according to Maya Cinemas, is sure to serve as a catalyst for continued development in the under-served community, attracting more businesses and residents as its profile continues to improve.

In addition, local businesses are hoping that such an investment in their community will improve their fortunes as well, considering the increased foot traffic that a high-profile entertainment complex is sure to bring. Also, local residents, according to reports, are excited about finally getting a high-tech movie theater right in the heart of their very own neighborhood.

The theater, slated to open in late January of 2019, will feature luxury reclining leather seats situated in large-scale stadium seating, booming Dolby surround sound set-ups, a large arcade stocked with all the latest and greatest video games, snack counters stocked with a plethora of treats, and a cantina where grown-ups can unwind after taking in the latest blockbuster.

Maya Cinemas ownership noted that the impending opening of their theater in North Las Vegas has already attracted other merchants to the community; four restaurants and eleven retail establishments are already in the works in the immediate vicinity of the theater, all of which were drawn by the promise of new economic growth and development in the area, officials said.

Maya Cinemas is scheduled to open in North Las Vegas on Friday, January 18.

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