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Month: November 2017

Generation X: Las Vegas Officials Look to New Building Developments to Attract Millennials

LAS VEGAS, NV – With the local economy on the rise and new businesses are arriving in the area, Las Vegas is on the verge of its greatest all-time comebacks. But the famous city and its surrounding areas are still struggling in one area- attracting the next generation of young business leaders and workers, and to that end, local officials are eyeing several different projects they hope will appeal to Millennials, a relatively unique section of society with different motivations for success than most.

Millennials are the demographic cohort following Generation X; those born in the early 1980s throughout the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and they are typically known for their savvy with technology and social media and a high degree of ambivalence about material success, preferring a more stable work-life balance and a fulfilling social life as opposed to grinding away for hours behind a desk. As such, Las Vegas is seen by many as the city of excesses; it would only be natural that this would not be the average Millennials’ first choice to live. However – owing in part to their love of posting exciting activities on social media platforms such as Instagram – Southern Nevada developers are starting to invest in amenities they hope will draw in this coveted generation, including a zip line across the Las Vegas strip from Caesars Palace and an e-sports arena at the Luxor, both currently under development and slated for use in 2018.

In addition, a construction project at a Lake Mead National Recreation Area campground is set soon, which will result in approximately $3 million in improvements to the popular Boulder Beach Campground, including restorations and repairs to at least 73 campsites, roads, and sanitation and potable water refill stations. In addition, structures to provide shade during hot summer months will be added as well, providing an environment sure to attract Millennials, many of whom are big fans of outdoor activities when on free time.

Additionally, sporting events are always a great way to attract the younger generation, and in addition to the much-publicized start of construction on the incoming Las Vegas Raiders NFL team’s eponymous stadium, due to open in 2020, local officials recently gave the green light to another sporting complex- the Las Vegas Ballpark, set to be built in Downtown Summerlin. The proposed 10,000-seat baseball stadium will be the new home of Las Vegas 51s Triple-A minor league baseball team, with the initial groundbreaking set to be held in early 2018. The developers have laid out what they refer to as an “aggressive” development schedule, and anticipate the stadium being open in time for the 2019 season. Again, offering more in the way of exciting entertainment options for residents is seen by officials as a way to attract younger people to Nevada, something access to quality sporting entertainment often results in.

A region with a rapidly growing economy and a very competitive real estate and job market needs young people to fill their ranks more than anything, and recent developments in Las Vegas have made it clear that businesses and officials are doing what they can to entice Millennials to take a chance on all that Las Vegas has to offer.

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Construction Workers Desperately Needed in Las Vegas to Keep Up with Housing Demand

LAS VEGAS, NV – After the housing bubble in Las Vegas during the mid-2000’s there hasn’t been much of a need for construction workers, as numerous houses and properties – purchased by unlucky investors looking to turn a fast buck – found them sitting unused for the better part of a decade or more as the demand for homes seemingly dried up overnight. Fast-forward to 2017, and the rapidly growing and recovering economy of the Southern Nevada region is not only gobbling up those formally vacant dwellings and vacant lots, but demand is now such that the most sought-after employees in the state are not accountants or engineers, but – you guessed it – construction workers.

The numerous construction projects on the drawing board in Las Vegas have resulted in delays as companies far and wide have found themselves short on workers they need. Currently, demand for affordable housing and apartments in Vegas has resulted in a shortage of selection and skyrocketing prices, and companies have been working overtime to erect new dwellings in an attempt to keep up with demand and to help slowly draw those prices down to a more manageable level.

With work currently progressing on the $1.9 billion Las Vegas Raiders stadium, and an estimated $15 billion of construction projects already slated for the next decade, experts say that up to 10,000 workers are currently needed in order to get these projects up and running. In addition to housing, entertainment, retail, and other building projects have sprung up in recent months, including work on a 14-screen movie theater in North Las Vegas that represents a revitalization attempt of the beleaguered area’s economically-downtrodden downtown district.

In addition, construction in Southern Nevada may get an additional shot in the arm thanks to the innovation of two local businessmen; currently, a high amount of materials for house and building construction needs to be delivered into the region from other states or even other countries, but Father and son Barry and Jordan Yost are investing in a new company – Precision Tube Laser LLC – that may change all of that.

Currently, parts for heavy industrial power generating items such as solar towers and pressure vessels are typically constructed and imported from the Southern United States or Asia; however, with the help of state tax abatement in the amount of $89,000, Precision Tube Laser LLC is the new, proud owner of a $1.2 million laser tube cutting machine – the TruLaser Tube 5000 – that is capable of cutting tubing and other materials into shapes with a precision that standard hand-held, propane-based cutting torches are unable to approach. Without the wait and cost of having to order materials from factories hundreds or even thousands of miles away, construction projects in the Las Vegas area can get a head-start on projects that otherwise might be stuck in the mire until expensive imported parts finally arrive.

The arrival of companies such as Precision Tube Laser LLC into the local construction scene are likely to herald more such innovation in the region once their need is proven; it’s likely that other needs relevant to the Vegas construction community that are served via out-of-state sources will eventually be served in-house as well, leading to an even larger boost to local real estate, and in turn, the need for yet more construction workers. Industry analysts are encouraging those looking for work in Nevada to get the training needed to get involved, as the majority of positions needed in construction tend to pay well, and are expected to provide regular work well into the future as Las Vegas continues on its journey back to prosperity.

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Proposed Republican Tax Reform Bill May Negatively Affect Development of Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

LAS VEGAS, NV – The soon-to-be-transplanted Las Vegas Raiders NFL team has gotten people talking, and their imminent arrival in Southern Nevada – in 2020, if all goes well with the construction of their new state-of-the-art stadium situated at Interstate 15 and Russell Road – has already resulted in economic growth and the interest of new businesses opening up shop in the region. However, a proposed tax reform currently in the works by the Republican members of the House of Representatives may throw some roadblocks into the equation, as certain provisions investors were relying upon to fund the Raiders project may now be in jeopardy.

Currently, the cost of the $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat Las Vegas Raiders football stadium is being financed, in part, via the use of tax-exempt bonds; this is a common practice used by investors when it comes to the construction of stadiums for sports teams. However, a provision of the proposed House tax reform bill – one currently being championed by United States President Donald J. Trump, who has vowed to sign it into law before Thanksgiving of this year, placing the Raiders project within its legal boundaries – will outlaw the use of Tax-exempt bonds in this manner, which would mean that $750 million in public monies will be excluded from the stadium’s financing package if 429-page legislative bill passes in its current form.

What does this mean for the future of the Raiders stadium, which recently held a groundbreaking ceremony on November 13?

At the moment, the ultimate effect is not known, although experts have noted that the current design of the stadium would fall into the parameters of a project covered by the Republican tax reform bill; the passage of the bill would very likely give developers major cause to revise the financial details of the construction, although to what degree is currently up in the air. Most reports, however, say that the passage of the tax bill will potentially increase make the project more expensive by increasing interest rates, decreasing the yield, or both. However, all aspects of the proposed House legislation must be made public and examined before the true extent of its effect upon the finances of the Raiders stadium project will be laid bare. But this is provided that the bill passes and doesn’t suffer the same fate as the GOP’s recent health care reform efforts, which were held off by House Democrats and several defecting Republicans members; likewise, the tax reform has generated a similar degree of discontent between the two major political parties, so currently its fate is uncertain.

If the bill passes and the Raiders project is no longer able to utilize tax-exempt bonds in its financing, it is likely that the project will continue as planned, albeit with higher costs; additional investment streams may be required as well to deal with rising development costs. It is vital for the stadium’s development to continue unabated, as its initial announcement has had a spillover effect on industrial properties that had previously stood vacant and unused, even amid Las Vegas’ current housing boom, proving that not only will the arrival of the Raiders have a positive effect on the NFL team’s own bottom line, but the bottom line of the region as well.

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Las Vegas Boom Not Simply Another Real Estate Bubble Waiting to Burst; Experts Declare Growth Stable and Long-Term

LAS VEGAS, NV – Many real estate investors poured an enormous amount of capital into Southern Nevada when the housing bubble burst in the mid-2000’s – rendering a great deal of their properties near-worthless in what was called the second-largest blow to a local or national economy of any crisis worldwide in the past four decades – many of them would obviously find it difficult, if not impossible to believe in the region as a money-maker again.

After getting burnt so badly, it’s understandable that many investors have trouble buying-into the recent boom Las Vegas real estate has been experiencing after a decade of dormancy, but it’s been building back consistently enough and long enough that experts have declared that this isn’t simply another bubble waiting to burst yet again; indeed, it’s a solid resurgence exhibiting stability and long-term growth potential that should be putting investors at ease, especially with the recent news that Las Vegas has taken the number two spot nationally at the top real estate market, second only to Seattle, Washington.

Needless to say, if you’ve been holding off on putting money into Vegas, wonder no more.

In January of 2012, the median sale price of a home in Las Vegas was a dismal $118,000, and Nevada in general had the highest rate of foreclosures and delinquent mortgages in the United States for 62 months running; fast-forward to today, and an investor would be shocked to discover that the market has been skyrocketing over the course of the past two years. The current median resale price of a home in the Vegas area in 2017 is now well over $250,000, which is up over 9.1 percent from the same period in 2016.

It’s a trend that experts are saying has the legs to continue for the foreseeable future, and such a positive outlook – both in terms of the real estate scene and the overall economy that is slowly but surely causing investors previously burnt to reconsider the region as a viable area to sink their funds.

The growing market, experts say, is fueled by a continued shortage of both homes and apartments, and as a result, prices have spiked in both categories; contractors and construction companies are attempting to keep up with demand, and supply is expected to finally increase during the winter, typically a period where the market slows a bit before the spring causes it to move upwards once again.

The growth locally is so strong that major businesses, such as Amazon, are building headquarters in Las Vegas, and famous sporting teams – such as the NFL’s Raiders, slated to arrive to a new stadium in 2020 – have uprooted from their homes and transplanted themselves here. So, it’s looking that the Las Vegas real estate market is not only seriously on the mend, but that it’s here to stay as well, and investors who have been on the fence after taking a loss previously – understandably so – are finding less and less to fear and more and more to gain.

With Vegas taking the number two spot nationally as a top real estate market, we are here to help you find out all you need about getting into this hot market, handle your rentals, or buy and sell property locally. Please feel free to give us a call at 702.376.7379 so we can answer any questions you may have.