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586 Lairmont Place, Henderson NV 89012: Luxury Cabinetry Tips and Pitfalls

586 Lairmont Place, Henderson NV 89012: Luxury Cabinetry Tips and Pitfalls

Whether in new construction or a major renovation project of a luxury home, one of the largest line items you will encounter is the cabinetry. It is easy to underestimate how important a role your cabinet provider plays.

In most large estate properties you have to install custom cabinetry. The scale of the rooms, the incorporation of appliances and other fixtures cannot be solved with the traditional stock cabinets. Filling a room is simply not a matter of a 42 inch cabinet here, two 24 inch drawers there until the lego set is competed. Also, high-end finishes of the cabinets themselves just aren’t readily available until you progress into the custom level.

We are currently redeveloping this residence at 586 Lairmont Place, Henderson, NV just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, and are installing all new cabinetry and mill-work throughout the entire house. We selected a local specialty cabinet company who will design and coordinate with us and our other contractors to ensure not only the look we want, but that the cabinets and other mill-work fits precisely into the existing architecture.

Floating Vanity Cabinet

One major recommendation I can make is to stay involved in the design process, learn their language, learn how to read the drawings, and constantly think of how a drawing on paper or computer will translate to functionality. If you simply assume they have it covered and check in at the end you could make costly mistakes that could mean more money and lost time. Custom cabinets can easily take 9 – 12 weeks, waiting for replacement pieces or redesigns can dramatically affect your project schedule.


    1. Get your cabinet designer and other sub contractors such as the electrician and plumber to coordinate closely between you and the cabinet maker. Nothing is worse than seeing finished cabinets that don’t line up with your plumbing lines for example.


    1. Allow enough time to complete the cabinet production phase so it doesn’t disrupt your project timeline. Take into consideration if your cabinets are being produced outside the U.S. the shipping time and potential delays.


  1. If you are putting in both flooring and cabinets, decide early which is best for you. There are pros and cons as to whether flooring or the cabinets should be installed before one another.