What more do you need to own a luxury condo in the center of the Strip?

CityCenter is offering irresistible price-reductions and incentives for you to get a unit in a dramatic residential icon with a Las Vegas Blvd address.

Our client recently purchased a unit in the artfully designed Veer Towers through CityCenter’s sales office.  He was one of the buyers who received promotional incentives before the CityCenter’s public offering.  Not only the price reduction, the incentives include the developer covering the closing cost and four years of HOA fees and property tax, and luxury furnishing packages were also paid by the developer.

CityCenter announced the sales promotion on April 2nd, 2012. The price-reductions and other incentives will lead to total reductions of up to approximately 50% from its original release pricing.

The price has been reduced a total of 40%, and cost-of-ownership savings available up to 15% off the purchase price.  The incentives are; Option 1: Closing cost, taxes and HOA for 4 years and a furnishing package paid by the developer. Option 2: Cash contribution direct to buyer equal to 6% of the purchase price for 36 months.

For information on CityCenter Veer Tower and Mandarin Oriental condominiums please contact Atsuko Winston at 702-461-5694 or Sachi Reeske at 702-324-8678 or email us at vegasfudosan@gmail.com.



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